EA: 360 development will double Insomniac's sales

EA has told CVG that it is confident Xbox 360 sales of Insomniac's new multiformat title will equal those on PlayStation 3.

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unrealgamer582998d ago

yes because 1 plus 1 equals 2 >____>

lociefer2998d ago

well if u have one carrot and one if ur friends gives u another carrot, then u have 2 carrots

bloodybutcher2998d ago

i think it's rather stupid of Insomniac.why would they want carrots???

commodore642998d ago

what have carrots got to do with the price of eggs?

ProjectVulcan2998d ago

Someone disagreed with you LOL

WhittO2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Lmao, guess that shows there really are some people on N4G who cant count to 2 ?

Also, they may make more money, but it will cost them alot more than just putting out a PS3 game, not just the development costs or paying EA, but its not like they are going to get a big marketing campaign off Sony for a multiplat game, so their games will be advertised EVEN less than they are now, since it will all be up to Insomniac.

Also, they had bonuses like not being charged for putting content on the PS Store (like trailers/demos etc) or getting alot of Press in Conferences etc, that will no longer be the case for their Mulitplat titles.

BRG90002998d ago

I disagreed because I hate carrots. Carrots or discussion thereof have no place on the internets.

Shane Kim2998d ago

I thought the publisher was in charge for the marketing. Not the developer per se.

WhittO2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Sorry miss-read your comment lol, it is up to the publishers like MS advertising the hell out of Gears, even though not first party.

But ye, Sony didnt advertise Insomniac's games enough compared to first party, look at Rachet & Clank last year compared to Uncharted 2!

Although what did Insomniac expect from Sony, Sony are obviously going to choose their own games over Inomniac's

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El Botto2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Because no way in hell are their sales going to double just like that.

bioshock12212998d ago

Well I think it depends on what type of game it is. If it's an FPS then it will most likely sell more on the Xbox 360 but if it's a platformer then most likely it wont. Judging by what games sell the most on the Xbox 360.

Anon19742998d ago

If they make a shooter the sales will double. However, if they don't then I wouldn't expect a doubling of their sales. Just like at sales of Alan Wake. Hyped beyond belief, years in the making and it looks like it lived up to all the hype based on the reviews and yet it looks like it won't even hit 500k in it's first month. Wtf?

It's somewhat clichéd to criticize the 360 as being a primarily shooter based console, but it's true. If I were a developer it would just make sense to launch my game on as many consoles as possible, but if I had to choose and I had anything but a shooter, based on the sales we're seeing these days I'd pick the PS3. Based on game sales they certainly seem to have a broader base.

N4BmpS2998d ago

@Darkrider66: I like your explanation very well said.

EA is a great publisher and I'm sure they're going to give this game the promotion it needs. I'm really hoping this new IP does well, Insomniac is stepping out of their comfort zone(yes the PS3 is a comfort zone). But I don't know there's something about the 360, not knocking it at all but but it's mass appeal is shooters (once again not a knock, it is cliche like dark said though). I'm not too sure how many 360 gamers are going to buy this new IP based on the developer's name but I know there are at least a million PS3 owners on board to buy it.

Anarki2998d ago

I wouldn't say DOUBLE. It's not like people who own a PS3 don't have a 360 ¬_¬

It'll be more likely a 50% increase, not a 100%

Inside_out2998d ago

Many gamers own both consoles. still, the 40 million 360 gamers is a big target for Insomniac...Since the top selling games for 360 are shooters, ( Halo-COD-Gears ) I think that would mean that Insomniacs game will be a shooter also...I think they will be very successful. Its only one game and Insomniac will own the IP. They can return to PS3 only developing once the game is done BUT I suspect if the game is a hit...Insomniac will make more Multi-platform games. Simple really...Its a test...Maybe they are spying for the evil empire??? getting insider times ahead...

AAACE52998d ago

Didn't they have an article like this up a few days ago?

They are probably still tied to the mentality from a few years ago, that 360 gamers buy more games than Ps3 gamers. But nothing is guaranteed! Things are constantly changing in this industry.

Some 360 owners switched to Ps3 and some Ps3 owners switched to 360, so no one knows!

BannedForNineYears2998d ago

Technically it's 1*2 = 2.
Good job EA.......-cough-Captain Obvious-Cough-.

zag2998d ago

That's saying that the 1 title sells the same amount on each console.

In real life that never happens though, and I don't think this title will sell that high anyway.

EA are thinking/hoping that the title sells a lot on the PS3 and then 360 people who want to try an insomniac game will buy it in droves as well.

How ever that may never happen as 360 gamers most likely won't be fussed about a new dev called insomniac.

Remember the amount of people on here is probably only 0.0000000001% of the total gaming market.

sid4gamerfreak2998d ago

@unrealgamer58: No really! You don't say!


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Tony-A2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Insomniac's new game is an FPS


(just kidding)

Best of luck to you, Insomniac! I hope everything goes well. I'm glad they went with EA because they're one of my favorite publishers this generation. However, you do know what PS3 gamers expect from you. No shortcuts!

Commander TK2998d ago

EA is 1 of your favorite publishers this gen? WTF?

NYC_Gamer2998d ago

i hope the new game is some type of platformer....

-MD-2998d ago

I agree. It's a dying genre but one of the best out there.

ClownBelt2998d ago

I'd rather have a survival horror.

Ri0tSquad2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Hopefully it does.

belal2998d ago

was going to be a platformer?

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