Kyle Hebert Interview - Voice of Ryu

While at the MCM Expo in London this weekend, we were lucky enough to join several other journalists around a table to chat with Kyle Hebert, voice actor for Ryu in Street Fighter IV, as well as voicing many characters in Anime series including Naruto and DBZ.

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Yi-Long2996d ago

... not them personally ofcourse, but the whole notion that stuff needs to be 'dubbed' just so a certain audience will be willing to watch it.

Thank gawd more and more movies, anime and even games nowadays offer the option to select your preferred language. For me, that's a MUST. I just want the original language, no matter what that language is. I won't buy a product if it's dub-only.

scruffy_bear2996d ago

In the same boat, if it's dub-only I won't pick it up.