Game Companies Turning to Retired Icons Over Current All-Stars

"An interesting trend may be developing in the games industry. While most sports title predominantly feature current star athletes, both NBA 2k11 by 2k and NHL Slapshot by EA Sports are looking to feature athletes already inducted into their respective hall of fames. NBA 2k11 has reportedly turned to Michael Jordan, hoping that “his airness,” can strike a chord with fans as much if not more so then likes of “his highness,” LeBron James. NHL Slapshot recently unveiled that they would be turning to the “Great One,” Wayne Gretzky as their spokes person."


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cain1412971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Gretzky makes sense, but so would Crosby or Ovetchkin (I may have spelled that wrong lol)

And MJ may be the best ever, but with all the attention LBJ will be getting this off season I'm surprized he didnt end up on there...

AAACE52971d ago

I wonder if they will try to change the name. Like instead of calling it NBA 2K11, call it Jordan 2k11, like EA does with Madden! It may seem strange, but it might work. because there are people out there that will buy anything that has the Jordan name and/or his face!

Probably call it NBA 2K11 Jordan edition. If that takes well, next year they will announce they are going to call it Michael Jordan's NBA 2K12!

BetaChris2971d ago

There's a certain nostalgia involved with using retired sports heroes, I suppose. That said, who's next, Larry Bird? ;)

Relin2971d ago

Now THAT would be something ;)

Biggest2971d ago

Didn't you see that McDonald's commercial with LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Larry Bird?

Dwight- "Who is that old guy?"
LeBron- "I have no idea."

cain1412971d ago

lol Yeah I don't think we will see larry bird on the cover anytime soon (great player but not the same name recognition with young fans as an MJ)...

If we see a celtic it would probably be Rajon Rondo. I bet they can get him at a fairly cheap payout and he is on the rise now...

italianbreadman2971d ago

I'd put Michael Jordan on my Mario ads if I was in charge of Nintendo's advertising.

cain1412971d ago

Haha. Bring him into a mario basketball title space jame style lol. It could sell