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Gaming Target writes:

"I feel bad for everyone involved in Alpha Protocol, because it’s the most blatantly incomplete game I’ve played in years, possibly in my life. The “espionage RPG” wants to be Mass Effect 2 with a Jason Bourne story (which is not a bad idea), but it plays like a GTA III knockoff with a slew of irritating visual glitches. In fact, there are so many glitches that I doubt anyone at Obsidian Entertainment played this game and thought, "Oh yeah, this is ready, we can ship." It’s obvious the bottom fell out somewhere in production and the game was shipped “as is” in an effort to cut losses. It’s really disheartening that a publisher, especially Sega, would dare slap a sixty-dollar price tag on this half-baked package."

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playstation_clan2998d ago

even the developer dont believe this game is good. I hope it sells something

Pennywise2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Why would you hope for a P.o.S. game to sell anything? I hope no one buys this game... If a dev can't deliver, maybe they should shut their doors.

Why would anyone want to buy anything that under delivers?

N4GAddict2998d ago

I still might buy it when its cheap

movements2998d ago

I mean, one of the game's dev basically said it was rubbish....

N4GAddict2998d ago

That's very unfortunate. This game has a lot of promise.

SwiderMan2998d ago

Saw this game at E3 2008 where it was being touted at "the game you want to play between ME1 and 2." Funny cause it looked worse than ME1 and released after ME2 due to delays.