Romero: John Carmack and I can create 'fresh, awesome' game

CVG: Doom creator John Romero has hinted that he could one day create a new game with ex-colleague John Carmack - which would be "fresh and awesome".

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Aphe2967d ago

Romeros story makes for an interesting one though to be honest. I always enjoy reading stories about what he got up to in his moment of fame and success. He was irresponsible in the end, but he lived the high life.

He is talented, he just chose a different path.

Blacktric2967d ago

He is talented but he is also a douchebag. Who the hell calls their customers as bitches? Even if it's just for joking it's still wrong.

Blacktric2967d ago

Umm. No. We don't want to be your "bitch" again after Daikatana. Idiot.

Kleptic2967d ago

ah whatever...daikatana sucked...but there is no denying that iD hasn't set the multiplayer gaming world on fire since he left...Doom 3 was an absolute disaster on every level accept visually...

the only iD game i really enjoyed, sans Romero, was Quake III...but it still didn't feel right to me...whatever Romero added to the original dooms style wise was an intangible asset that couldn't be lost...same for Quake I...while the quakes got better looking after his departure, they still didn't have that feel of being created by a master...

no idea how to explain what I am talking about...but if you grew up with the games these two created know what I put Romero and Carmack together again and you have the best of every possible part of game development...a brilliant programmer that can squeeze even weak hardware to do amazing stuff...and a game designer that will use that technology to pioneer what almost becomes standards in what a game should play like...

on their own though these guys seem to struggle to live up to what they originally created...has Carmack made anything as good as Quake since?...and obviously we know Romero didn't...doom 3 for example is exactly how a company can fall apart entirely and alienate their entire fanbase when they lose their creative of the most loved franchises, and what took the genre to the masses, was flipped on its head into some sort of crappy survival horror shit show with 3 enemies on screen at once...and it was a nightmare for me...

bring back a real doom...put Romero's head on a stick again and show shooter developers why you two are still the best in the genre...i'll preorder 5...

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