Why Natal Will Succeed

NowGamer examines the evidence to suggest why Natal will succeed in a marketplace full of competition.

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Tony-A2967d ago

This one's definitely getting approved.

Dance2967d ago

any other day its usually being bashed

IdleLeeSiuLung2967d ago

They are definitely already here.

Hallmark Moment2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I know how did it get through? only negative ones are allowed here on N4Gs.

"Hey Look, Positive Natal Prediction"
They're not hard to find in most other gaming sites with credibility. Just not here on N4G and other pro Sony sites N4G attracts.

NecrumSlavery2967d ago

Everyone hated on Motion until the 360 and PS3 came out with it too.

Now the hardcore fans are bashing each other.,,,,

But this is my view on it. Move isn't going to be $150, unlike NATAL. And for a 150 bones, you got to show me something other that tech demos that aren't really coming out or getting patched into current games, or THE RED BALL game...Where is the Hardcore?

travelguy2k2967d ago

aspect that gamers hated. It was the complete lack of improvement in the technology/graphics. 360 and PS3 both pushed the envelope in graphics which is what everyone looks at first when comparing the next gen systems. Wii did not improve.

Now if the 360 and the PS3 can do both, then that is an improvement. And we can all be happy.

Tony-A2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Did I ever say Negative Natal press doesn't get approved? Of course it gets approved.

For fanboys, it's always a back and forth.

"Bu-but we had negative natal news last week, so we gotta even things out with a positive one!"

For every article saying "$150 is too much", there's one that says it'll succeed nonetheless.

Some of you are undeniably ridiculous.

PS: @Dance. Those articles aren't bashing Natal's hardware capabilities. They're bashing the price. Quite justifiable indeed. The PS3 was criticized for it's price, which everyone had the right to disagree with. Price is always an issue. All these positive ones are basing Natal's potential success on what they think should happen.

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Mr Logic2967d ago

Natal is happening people need to face it. I don't really care as I don't have a 360 so I'm not getting Natal. The only thing I have a problem with is the article itself. It feels like it was written as speedy propaganda. It's praising something we haven't yet really seen in action and has plenty of spelling mistakes.

Alcon Caper2967d ago

Actually, the article is written well. It hits on several pros for the system that I haven't thought about and it's longer then a page.

It's not Shakespeare, but not much is nowadays on N4G.

Bigpappy2967d ago

They actually said that they have seen games for Natal that they are not able to tack about yet. That is what they are basing their predictions on, not what you and I have seen, but what they have seen.

AAACE52967d ago

I've been thinking about Natal alot lately and have come to a conclusion...
I think Natal will do really well! Hear me out first...

Nintendo has had alot of success with the Wii and the Ps3 looks to provide a great experience as well. But after thinking about Natal, I realized MS can go in many different directions with it!

Nintendo is getting away with selling all kinds of add-ons. The expensive Wii fit, the Motion plus, etc. People are using it for games and exercise.

MS has the Natal tech which could open this all up. If you think about it, everyone wants to lose weight. The primary thing to do for weight loss is to get active by moving the body around, get the heart rate going and get a good sweat going. We have seen many infomercials where they are trying to sell you some crappy gimmick like a ab buster or workout video. The problem with those is they get boring and you lose interest in them.

Natal is going to provide the best of both worlds. Nintendo and Sony will allow you to get an upper body workout, but Natal will give you a total body workout. It became clear to me when I started thinking about how the body works and thinking about some of the games.

It will allow you to get a workout while having fun and the best part is you won't think about it that much because you will be trying to play the game!

I'm not bashing either, but I am saying that if MS does this right, Natal could truely take off!

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Meryl2967d ago

yawn it needs a NOT addidng to the title, I sick of false hyping, all natal is shown is huge red balls if that is the future then I will quit gaming

Dance2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

1080p and 3d gaming on console isnt false hyping either

knight6262967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

yes i cant wait to pay $150 for a piece of camera that my ps3 already has
also cant wait to talk to a little kid and when my neighbors pass by they will think iam alone with him...natal will change the world by making us go crazy if u know what i mean...flapping you hands and legs trying to hit a red ball for sure its going to beat move. o wait my bad iam passing on natal

@jack Klugman At least the move will give me pleasure

Jack Klugman2967d ago

you mean that camera that flopped and sony gave no support too? the one that cant even be used in low light?

ermm no.. if you want to compare the eye or eyetoy to something make it the vision xbox 360 camera then its actually a fair fight.

im sure the only game will be a red ball game dunce. i suppose you would rather jump around holding to glowing dildos in your hands.. thumbs up mr cool!

Mr Logic2967d ago

1. You obviously don't know what a dildo looks like.
2. The Eye has twice the refresh rate and resolution as the Vision cam.
3. The Eye was never designed as a major gaming device it was mainly devised for video chat, despite this it still has a fair amount of titles for it including the new Kung Fu game.
4. It has sold 500,000 units in NA alone. Those consumers just need a Move now.
5. Even though it doesn't work amazingly well in low light, it doesn't matter because the Move glows.

Rucury2967d ago

... that I may or may not buy this.

Also, I learned today that the "not" joke never gets old...

But in all seriousness, I keep hearing Natal has a bit of lag... I imagine it would be hard to play First-Person Shooters or for example games that require fast reflexes if the lag is noticeable...

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