Quantum Theory Video: Clone of War?

GB writes: "Quantum Theory is touted as a clone of Gears of War and even though Koei have denied it many times, we just cant help ourselves but to think that the game is turning out to be pretty similar to Epic’s premium series. Judging by the latest game play trailers we recorded at the MCM expo during the weekend, the game play of Quantum theory looks very close to Gears of War. "

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-Alpha2916d ago

We don't have to call it a clone but it's fairly obvious it's influenced heavily from Gears of War. HEAVILY influenced. Whether it's going to be a good game or not remains to be seen but the comparisons exist for a damn good reason.

Quagmire2916d ago

Hypocritical Fanboy. Dante's Inferno is considered a God Of War clone, but Quantum Theory isnt considered a clone of Gears of War?

RatFuker2916d ago

halo copied tribes, gears of war copied killswitch, forza copied gran turismo, saints row copied grand theft auto. castle crashers copied fat princess.

Gobot2916d ago

Castle Crashers came out and was in development before fat princess, retard.

Gobot2916d ago

If this is still exclusive to the ps3 it's better than Gears, if not, shit, garbage, clone.

raztad2916d ago

game looks extremely underwhelming.