CVG: Test Drive Unlimited 2 gameplay preview

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - sequel to the underrated 2006 original - is an impressive game to watch. Occupying the front row of a packed Barcelona demo room, you can feel the excitement rise as developer Eden games slips into an immaculately-rendered Audi TT RS and speeds off into the open-world Ibiza sunset, before zooming up to the heavens with the touch of a button to ponder which Balearic street corner to skid up next.

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DA_SHREDDER3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

This game looks phenomenal. Too bad its coming now and not like last year or something? GT5 is gonna bulldoze everything besides the best racers out of existence. Besides Motorstorm 3, Criterion's Need for Speed, and This, looks like its a win win situation for everyone:) Opps forgot to mention Mario Kart. But that game is in a league of its own. lol

Greywulf3035d ago

I dont think the Test Drive driver, is the GT5 diehard. I'm sure they overlap, but I'd say a TD driver, intends on buying TD regardless of GT.