15 songs we'd like to see in the Rock Band 3 Setlist

With the addition of a keyboard/piano part for Rock Band 3, we scour the musical annals, and pick out 15 songs that would make the most of it.

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Columbo2911d ago

The songs I would like to see added are:
"Comedown" by: Bush
"I Alone" by: Live
"H" and "Schism" by: Tool
"Black Balloon" and "Iris" by: Goo Goo Dolls (Good for parties)

Those are probably not related to your list of songs with keyboard/piano, but I'm still floored how some of those popular bands are still not in Rock Band.

kingspoonian2911d ago

I'm guessing Tool may have an exclusive arrangement with Guitar Hero, but Goo Goo Dolls are a great pick - I'm surprised some of their stuff isn't on there too.

SactoGamer2911d ago

Layla - Eric Clapton

I've been wanting this since the original Guitar Hero.

Matthew942911d ago

Achilles Last Stand
The definition of awesome

SpandexGiraffe2911d ago

Layla would be AWESOME :) And would fit as it has a piano solo, and they're (potentially) doing keyboards now. They might have problems getting a multi-track for it though - I guess they could always try a live version.

Goo Goo Dolls are a good idea too :)

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