3D Dot Game Heroes Foam Sword Competition writes:

Hello dear blog readers, Rob Burman from SouthPeak Games here. Hopefully you’ll remember I was here last month to encourage everyone to create a hero using the online character creator for the explosion of retro goodness that is 3D Dot Game Heroes. The contest was extremely successful and we had entries from across Europe. A big thank you to everyone that entered, but unfortunately only five people can be the extremely proud recipients of a massive foam sword and a copy of the game. So, without further ado, here are the lucky winners.

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washingmachine3033d ago

just ordered this game,cant wait. good job on the characters

GodsHand3033d ago

I want to get the game, but I got others I am playing at the moment.

They won a foam sword, and a copy of the game. I wonder what they will do with the extra copy.

ThatArtGuy3033d ago

do it quickly. Atlus is notorious for low print runs.

RedPawn3033d ago

That pick looks like Marco from Metal Slug.