3xG: Demons Souls EU Review

3xG says: "Quick, easy and shallow are all words that would never be used to describe this game. With relentlessly difficultly, a feature-length story and over the top detail Demon’s Souls is a game worthy of a review to match, and thanks to the Pac-Man creators Capcom it’s coming to European shores!"

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K-Tuck3001d ago

Geez, its less of a review and more of a FAQ. Is that a list of every single spell in the game?

WildArmed3001d ago

lol. was wondering the same thing.
Seems like the author went through a wiki (which he points out at the end of the FAQ/Review)
Or that he has put ALOT of time in the US Demons Souls.. then i dont blame him for going on and on.
I'd do the same if i were to write a review about it.

kenpachi3001d ago

awesome game, i imported this a few months back because i couldn't wait any longer to come out in europe, i recommend it for any who enjoys JRPG's and pick up an extra controller just in case i broke two in my first play through.

-Ikon-3001d ago

Ha yup. The best part about it all is, it wasn't the game being cheap it was your own stupid mistakes that make you rage break controller.

Aphe3001d ago

It's nothing like JRPGs though, it's in a class of its own.

RankFTW3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I already have the Platinum for the US version of the game and can't wait to do it all again when the game comes out here at the end of the month. Also very detailed review and anyone thinking of getting the game should give it a read so they know what they are getting themselves in for.

Miraak82 3001d ago

I need my pure bladestone for platnium /sigh

bloodybutcher3001d ago

and i, since i've changed my psn id, have to get all trophies again:D so don't complain,you lucky bastard:P

Miraak82 3000d ago

ha, this is my second play-through , I was about to get platinum then I got ylod on my ps3 phat . lucky I love the game so much I played it again knowing what I knew, I breezed though it in half the time about lvl 360 now , I built my character to annihilate an a opponent in 1 slice :p but those damn bp skelly's refuse to drop it

waltercross3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

This game is frigging awesome and Addicting, so far I have about 20 hours logged in, I saw people that have over 200 hours in, when you go way up the stairs you can see other players who are ranked, I saw a few with 200+ hours LOL, I was like D+mn :).

It's a friggin awesome game, combat is allot like the PC game "Mount and Blade", you have to learn your opponent and swing on a timely manner.

Aphe3001d ago

It's one of the best games I've ever played. It's not as difficult as many people make out, it's just different. It's a game where skill and timing are the key to success. And what makes the game for me a classic is the sheer atmosphere, the lack of a consistant soundtrack makes things more tense and is a stroke of genius.

And contary to popular belief it is one of the best looking games on the ps3. I cannot stress enough that if you don't own a ps3, if you are a gamer, you owe it to yourself to get one and play this game.

And MP has never been done in the way this game has implemented it.

waltercross3001d ago

LOL, yeah the MP in DS is very clever.

for those who haven't played DS and don't know what we are talking about I'll explain.

If your PS3 is hooked up to the Internet it'll go on the DS server, and often times you'll see other people in soul forms playing and doing there thing, It is like a MMPOG but where you have your own Instance of game, so they don't affect your game and you don't affect theres, tho you can be Invaded by a Black Phantom who can fight you.

I fought one Black Phantom, not sure if it was a NPC or a player, I won pretty easily. Is there NPC Black Phantoms? maybe a more experienced player can answer that.

Apolloeye3000d ago

NPC Black phantoms will arrive at certain places if the tendency is pure black.

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NecrumSlavery3001d ago

Glad the EURO gamers are getting a hold of this masterpiece

Aphe3001d ago

I imported it last year, sod waiting all this time to play it. Glad they eventually got it here, but still, what a pisstake. Europe is a big market, should have got it here ages ago.

thief3001d ago

Cant agree more. I bought this imported for £65 a few months back – what a rip off!

stevenhiggster3001d ago

I know it doesn't really matter but is it not Namco who are publishing it in the EU not Capcom as he stated?

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