The Most Realistic Things in Gaming

There are plenty of things that games do exceptionally realistically. It may well appear geeky to gush about a puddle in a PS3 game, but non-gamers just don't understand. It looks EXACTLY LIKE A FRIGGIN PUDDLE. And that's worth shouting about.

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rockleex3034d ago

I like the mud slinging in Sega Rally, but the graphics really give it away.

I would pick Motorstorm's mud over Sega Rally mud.

The picture of Dirt 2's water does not help the author's case at all.

N4GAddict3034d ago

The mud in MS2 looks awesome.

peeps3034d ago

i agree. think the article was a good idea half arsed tbh

mikepmcc3034d ago

...he could have at least captured screenshots instead of just doing google searches for official images. The BFBC2 picture doesn't even show in-game smoke, it's just a skybox.

N4GAddict3034d ago

MGS2 still has the best rain effects IMO

ElementX3034d ago

Sorry, but those are piss poor examples of realism.

xg-ei8ht3034d ago

A real puddle on a road, f$%^ if that was in the uk, it'd be a national emergency, that's a freaking lake.

Bf/BFBC games do have the best smoke fx, although i did like COD2 smoke dx9 back in the day.

Loved sally rally mud, track were not bad, just felt to much on rails, but it's that kinda game, old school.

Motorstorm mud was excellent as well, would love an incar view in motorstorm 3, with mud,rain,etc.

Rain, i kinda liked UC2 later in the game with rain fx, MGS2 also looks great for back in the day, F1 PS3 looks good also. probably tons of games i can even remember.

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The story is too old to be commented.