GameZone: Blur Review

GameZone's Brian Rowe writes,

"As a kid, I slipped into the car and pretended to cruise the highways while activating imaginary weapons. Invisible missiles decimated opponents as I zipped past fiery wreckage. I activated my nitrous – cruise-control – and watched the competition fade in the mirror. While that fantasy will never become a reality, barring a stint in a prison with televised death-races, Blur comes dangerously close to fulfilling the childhood dream."

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athmaus2972d ago

Game looks intersting :)

Nakerman2972d ago

A decent score. I can't see it beating Split/Second though- that game is awesome!

Caspel2971d ago

I still need to play Split/Second, but since I don't have it yet, I have nothing to compare Blur to in recent memory.

barefootgamer2971d ago

I've never been a fan of racers, but the graphics on this one look really sweet!

AlexC2971d ago

Racers used to be all about the weapons... now it's all Forza this, and Gran Turismo that :P

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