Mass Effect Developers looking for a Multiplayer Programmer

A job listing reveals that Mass Effect developer BioWare Montreal is looking for a multiplayer programmer.

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N4GAddict2912d ago

Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer I guess

UnSelf2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )


Aphe2912d ago

Al Troll:Why?

Me:Because they are looking to make ME a MP experience:

Al Troll:Why am I such a troll?

Me:Because you lack any mental brain power.

Al Bundy2912d ago

I'm a troll because I think a game as good as Mass Effect doesn't need multi player? Nice logic.

Aphe2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Why couldn't they make it multiplayer?

Elven62912d ago

Perhaps it's simply co-op like with Fable II and not a full on "Gears" type shooter mode?

ikkokucrisis2912d ago

Well, they do make games that don't start with an "Mass" and end with a "effecT". Maybe they'll make something brave and original!!

Tony P2912d ago

Oh, this is giving me quite the cynic's headache.

nycredude2912d ago

They need to speak to Zipper cause Mag is short for magic when it comes to multiplayer server.

ThanatosDMC2912d ago

Gotta love MAG... gotta hate TKer that knife your squadmates in the back.

AAACE52912d ago

With Mass Effect's gameplay, I thought they would have put multiplayer in already!

solar2912d ago

worked great for BioShock 2.....oh wait....nevermind. FOCUS ON SP DEV'S!!! FFS!!!

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Simon_Brezhnev2913d ago

The only thing i can think of is instead of the NPC teammates they will be playable characters if its done right people will love it.

N4GAddict2912d ago

Maybe something like horde mode?

illuminatus_V2913d ago

I hope not for ME3 except coop. otherwise ME needs no multiplayer!

N4GAddict2912d ago

Yeah, as long as it is only for coop

likedamaster2912d ago

I felt the same way about Uncharted, yet they pulled it off in U2. Anything can happen. You can always NOT play the multiplayer portion of the game & just the single player. Just a thought.

Jack Klugman2912d ago

coop is okay but dont go putting in mp just because you think you should.

ME has always been about the single player campaign and ive seen far too many great single player games turn into average because they have to screw around with multiplayer.

fans sure didnt ask for it.

Kahvipannu2912d ago

Agreed. Mass Effect is really personal experience. I believe it has nothing to do with ME.

Galaxia2912d ago

Multiplayer would be unwelcome in ME for me. ME is all about the single player. Even Coop would ruin it.

BTW I accidentally gave you a disagree when I meant to click Agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.