GameZone: Alpha Protocol review

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski writes,

"If Obsidian Entertainment truly was attempting to create a spoof, then they should have taken the ball and ran with it. With unexplainable duffel bags of money and dossier information lying about levels, Alpha Protocol could have been a hilarious title to enjoy from beginning till end. The list of technical issues plagued the title right from the on-start and continued until the ugly ending. Whether it was one enemy mysteriously multiplying into three enemies before my eyes (maybe he was Marvel’s Multiple Man?) or enemies running in circles around platforms for no good reason besides chasing their own tail, Alpha Protocol is a good lesson of how not to create a video game."

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athmaus2968d ago

bummer...i had high hopes for this game :(

Ron Zook2968d ago

i had high hopes for this one too but its been getting terrible reviews from everyone :(

Caspel2967d ago

I don't have much hope for Fallout New Vegas after Obsidian's mishandling of Alpha Protocol

barefootgamer2967d ago

That's true! I have hopes for New Vegas, just like I hoped Alpha Protocol wouldn't suck. Oh well.

AlexC2967d ago

Surprising, this game looked pretty decent in previews.

mistermostyn2966d ago

Such a shame. That said, now there's a clear blueprint on how NOT to make an espionage RPG, perhaps BioWare or Bethesda will move to show Obsidian how it should have been done.

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