Treyarch: Bungie is our competition

Call of Duty Black Ops studio Treyarch believes its competition this year won’t merely be EA’s Medal of Honor rebirth – claiming that FPS veterans Bungie are also in the fray.

Speaking to Develop, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia had very little to say about Medal of Honor - EA’s newest and most serious bid to usurp Activision’s dominance in the war-based shooter genre.

“I haven’t seen any of it,” he said in reference to the new EALA and DICE shooter.

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Kalowest2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I like TA, but Reach is going to murder Black Ops. Theirs too many FPS, i want more TPS.

Awesomeness2996d ago

i kinda feel sorry for TA having to go against Reach

Reach is going to murder all

UltraNova2996d ago

Oh Treyarch... Guerrilla Games say's hi!

The Maxx2996d ago

With GG only selling just over 2 million Killzone 2 copies, I would say Treyarch is correct. Halo 3 has sold 11 million and it's only on the 360.

GG is not a threat to Treyarch. So GG may as well say bye!

ShinMaster2996d ago

Oh, so Treyarch is only interested in the sales part then. I thought they were trying to compete on making a great game. You know, quality.

The Maxx2995d ago

You're kidding right?

"so Treyarch is only interested in the sales part then"

- uh...that's pretty much what EVERY company does. They want large sales. Why do you think they said Bungie and not GG?

You think companies invest millions of dollars and their time to make a game that makes YOU happy. If that was the case why do they charge for the games? Why not release them for Free?

Don't be so naive. OF COURSE Treyarch want to make a great game, but a great game that will sell millions oppose to a great game that doesn't. Again, that is why they said Bungie. Bungie made a great game, a great franchise and have great sales. GG's franchise was poor at the start, then they made a generic great looking game with KZ2.

You must have been kidding.

ShinMaster2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Got a little too defensive there. Why did you bring KZ2 into this? I never mentioned it.

I just wanted a really good game. Marketing and hype is what makes sales for games. Not all good games get the same amount of hype and marketing as other not-so-great games.
Seeing as how this is a COD game, people will just buy it.

Of course they all want high sales, but some devs work harder to make a great game and sometimes don't get what they deserve.

UltraNova2995d ago

Commander TK nice try...Bungie gave you the thumbs down! Nough said my friend, nough said...

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Anarki2996d ago

Check out treyarch thinking they're good now that infinity ward is no more..

Jamie Foxx2996d ago

hopefully they will push each other and compete like sonys first party studios as that means a 'win' for us gamers

ikkokucrisis2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )



Respawn Entertainment

El Botto2996d ago

Just like all other Call of Duties.

And guess what. Black Ops on Sony E3 conference. Im taking that bet.

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BeaArthur2996d ago

Nothing wrong with competition, we all benefit from it.

t8502996d ago

Makes perfect sense that he says that. Bungie is yet to produce a game in HD, COD on consoles is in the same position.

Lets see who roles out a HD title first lol.

CR-Y-SIS2996d ago

That's where Killzone comes in with full HD.

Kalowest2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

No disrespect but KZ3 is 720p, GT5 is Full HD 1080p probably.

MerkinMax2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Reach runs at 1152x720 compared to the 1152x640 resolution of Halo 3. It is also better than COD's 1024x600 resolution. But then again, it would be nice if they ran at 1280x720.

Dance2996d ago

killzone 2 isnt 1080p

Fanb0y2995d ago


With the scale of environments shown in Reach, horizontal resolution will not make much of a difference, not to mention the temporal AA that's implemented.

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Dance2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

bungie have done wonders with reach not sure about treyarch black ops but you can bet your ass both of these game will be 2010 biggest games

xHarvey2996d ago

Halo Reach and Black Ops are both going to sell 10 million +

8thnightvolley2996d ago

good to see they are brave but it aint gonna cut it..

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