One Year Later, Did These E3 Xbox 360 Promises Come True?

Let's separate the Xbox hype from the Xbox reality. Every year's massive E3 gaming event includes big press conferences that promise gamers awesome things. One year past last E3, let's see what Microsoft and friends would be in our Xbox future — and what did or didn't come true.

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jjacinto232913d ago

it's right early release doesn't mean Exclusive
and I(we)want to see more natal stuff........not the ricochet

-Alpha2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

MS had a pretty good E3 in 09, though it wasn't their best.

Natal was introduced and was hyped a lot but we need to see solid games and I hope that that's what we see for E3 '10. I get that 09 was used to build a lot of media hype, but now we need full blown-out information and games. Let's see what they've been working on.

I am also hoping MS has some more exclusives to announce for this year. I'd also like to see them add more features to XBL that will take it to the next level.

Conloles2913d ago

E3 2010 is gonna be awesome this year

2913d ago
Ryudo2913d ago Show
huzzaahh2913d ago


I thought E3 2010 would be awesome next year.

n4gno2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Pretty good E3 2009, hype, media$, but uggly real videogame year in 2009.

By the way, [email protected] (again), i hope microsoft give them big money for the daily add, and ps3's sells/games downplay (or lies), if not, it's just pathetic, like a fanboy's site...oh wait (?)

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AAACE52913d ago

All of these companies make false promises! Where the hell is the IPTV MS promised when the 360 first came out? What exactly did Sony mean when they said 4D gaming? Nintendo always let's me down so I never listen to them anymore!

@Abash... I don't think Joyride was a fake, but I do believe they went back to try to change up the game so it has it's own identity. And not be a me too racer that's trying too hard to be like Modnation or Mario Kart! But who knows...

stephmhishot2913d ago

apparently the motorstorm series is an example of 4-d at work. according to this website, it has to do with things in a game degrading as time passes on. i guess the way the motorstorm tracks change as you continue to lap around them is an example of it.

Rhythmattic2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )


Thanks for the link.

Awesome gif..

HolyOrangeCows2913d ago

The "All of the following games are Xbox 360 exclusives" part was kind of funny.
I remember having a good laugh when they showed Left 4 Dead 2.

PR0X12913d ago

sony said ps3 would do 1080p @ 60FPS with all games...

Also 2x hdmi out... anyone... sony said 2x 1080p @ 60FPS on one ps3.

Let the hate begin.

Premonition2913d ago

But wasnt that like the 1st E3? for PS3? kinda late arent you?

beardpapa2913d ago

I have feeling it was mistranslation, since the reporters here do a really fine and awesome job at translating Japanese into English with the right context


DaTruth2913d ago

"sony said ps3 would do 1080p @ 60FPS with all games.."

All games???

You can't prove a point by making stuff up out of the blue!

morganfell2912d ago

Sony doesn't have to worry about 1080p when the competition can't top a 3 year old Sony exclusive.

Meryl2912d ago

1. wipeout hd says hi it's 1080p and 60fps, also they did not sayy all games would do this
as for your other comment i dont remember anything about that so i will not comment

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n4gno2913d ago ShowReplies(1)
Abash2913d ago

Something tells me Joyride was a "fake" announcement that they threw together at the last minute when MS found out that Sony would be unveiling Modnation Racers.

BRG90002913d ago

Well, the video they showed wasn't just something they could throw together the night before the conference. But yeah, it seems like they weren't as serious about the project as they implied. It missed its date, there has been no info, and the site for it is busted? Sounds like we shouldn't be expecting to see this again in our lifetimes...

Blaze9292913d ago

Actually the game was in development for quite some time. My guess is AFTER they say ModNation Racers and heard about it's whole play create share theme that Microsoft told them to scrap what was going to be a very simple avatar racer and make it much more deeper. Maybe even with Natal support.

Otherwise it would've been out by now.

SCThor2912d ago

like it adds some great value to any game that support it, cause it doesn't.

Cold 20002913d ago

Cant wait to see what MS have up their sleeves this E3.

I'm hoping for besides the expected stuff: Lost Odyssey 2, Killer Instinct 3 or Perfect Dark 2, another big thing from Square Enix (exclusive or multi), Itagaki's new game.

And finally...NATAL: is it the real thing or not.

xskipperx822913d ago

what are people disagreeing to here??? Sony fanboys run rampant on this site

playstation_clan2913d ago

we all know what microsoft has to show thats why we disagree.
all microsoft is going to show is celebrities (the beetles, tony hawk, may i go on), and show multiplats (tony hawk ride, final fantasy, modern warfare 2, may i go on)

its just nothing about their exclusive games, well who would spend 2 hours talking about halo

Elvfam5112912d ago

I Dont Think KI3 Is Gonna Be Annouced Because Rare Doesn't Want To Ruin It... Might Be Perfect dark 2

eggbert2913d ago

but how can they say everything about Natal worked on stage. I get it was an early build, but saying " It all worked on stage" is just plain lying.

Hell, they even mentioned the bottom of the avatar's shoe. Apparently they think that's how it's SUPPOSED to work?


Explain how it did not work!

eggbert2913d ago

Make sure you pay attention to how the legs and arms keep moving even when the person doesn't move. Also, the avatar goes into an impossible pose when he shows off the bottom of its shoe.

I highly doubt the guy was actually doing that pose.

niceguywii602913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

You post old software and Natal build footage saying it's proof of your fanboy claims? lol What does a prototype build of the dashboard software and its flaws have to do with Natal and it's actual software/device code?

Your logic suggests you can proclaim a console's hardware capabilities based on game code. Using that video to say Natal is not capable is like saying a console sucks because the current version of the dashboard on any given console or a game on it is buggy lol.

That video has nothing to do with the hardware of Natal and judging by the tech demo/Ricochet, it didn't have anything to do with Natal's software/device-code either "AT THAT TIME". It was the code at that time for the dashboard not telling the console and Natal human bodies can't move that way.

Amazing you fanboys keep posting that video of the dashboard bugs trying to paint Natal as a mess while the industry and media are impressed and and freakishly amazed by the accuracy of Natal's full body motion tracking in Ricochet.

lol You don't say PSN is crap because the HOME avatars get stuck in railings, walls or float in the air.

eggbert2913d ago

your missing the point. The article states Natal works on stage, and their ONLY reference was the E3 demo which i posted. Obviously the final build of Natal isn't going to be as buggy, but it's just stupid to ignore the fact that the tech demo did not "work".

In addition to that, I never stated the hardware was incapable of anything. Hell I even acknowledged it was an early build, but I guess you can't read since you felt it necessary to say the exact same thing I did in your first sentence.

And I'm apparently A fanboy because I am talking about something that actually pertains to the article? I never said playstation was better, your the only one trying to compare the two. Get your thumb out of your ass and grow up.

Jack Klugman2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

the game demos they showed WORKED! okay the bottom of the shoes thing didn't but FFS you said it yourself it's an alpha.

"Apparently they think that's how it's SUPPOSED to work? " yeah im sure they totally planned that troll.

@jcgamer: your comment is "well said" for cutting a pasting a quote from the article and adding "nice article".. wtf eva

cyborg69712913d ago

If it works so good now then why have we seen nothing besides BIG RED BALLS.

elpresador2912d ago

....but it did work. Now if they played the ball game and there was like a 5 second dealy or lag or whatever then it didnt work but it did work, maybe not as well as hoped but it did work.

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