Where have all the good games gone? A critical look at the current casual marketplace.

Gamezebo says "Over the past couple of months, it has become painfully clear to me and many of you at Gamezebo that the quality and quantity of download games is dropping. There are less download games being released each week, and of those that are released, many are just not good. The state of download games is in dire shape. And, unless changes do not happen soon, things will only get worse."

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-Alpha2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Over-exaggeration. This is actually very typical of older gamers who give the typical "Back in my day..." speech. Games are still great today.

I mean, Plato himself complained about how the youth of his day were corrupt and that same stance is used by many people today. Everybody feels alienated from what they grew up with at some point. Gaming today for me isn't the same as what it was when I grew up with the Dreamcast, but that's not to say the quality has gone down. I enjoyed games more when I was a kid because everything was new to me. Now I take certain things for granted. That's just how it is.

I'd like to note that this article is actually a lot deeper than what I'm suggesting, but nonetheless I am satisfied with the market.