Police Game Mode In Test Drive Unlimited 2

TDU2 producer, Nour Polloni, has told IncGamers there will be a police game mode in upcoming racing title Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Asked to expand, Polloni said there is an "infringement bar" in the hud and that "there will be something very special linked to the police mode."

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Maticus2881d ago

Police mode, eh? This game sounds better and better!

N4GAddict2880d ago

This makes me interested in this game now

Conloles2880d ago

Gonna look awesome on PC like the first one! Can't wait.

Perjoss2880d ago

I LOVED the first game, the handling could have been better of course but the freedom of being able to drive around anywhere with no loading screens was amazing actually. After a game like this I found games like Forza and Gran Tourismo kinda boring.

creeping judas2880d ago

You should have DL'd the simulation package. It made the cars handle like GT and Forza. Though you couldn't complete game missions while in the sim mode?

killzowner2880d ago

Gran turismo is and probably always will be the king of driving simulators, test drive perhaps the king of arcade racers, perhaps

MaximusPrime2880d ago

Test Drive Unlimited is an arcade game. Cars are no meant to be realistic.

Forza and Gran Turismo are both Simulator games. Both are close to realism. Gran Turismo is very close to realism.

Seems you cant enjoy Forza / GT because its too hard and boring. OK these games are not for you. these are for hardcore racing games fans.

Test drive Unlimited and Forza/GT are both very very different games.

AAACE52880d ago

I wish alot more games will incorporate modes like this in them, to me it adds replay value! Who doesn't like to chase people down and run them off the road?

Djorgo2881d ago

Hehe, GTA inspiration? :)

N4GAddict2880d ago

More like Need for Speed

morkendo2880d ago

yeah, sounds like need for speed mode. maybe helicopters too??

DeadlyFire2880d ago

As long as its not the EA Need for Speed this doesn't sound that bad. I hope police chases are in the game and not the gay hit me and be free of cops specials and crap.

Fyzzu2881d ago

A Hot Pursuit mode? Yes please.

N4GAddict2880d ago

3> classic Need for Speed

Dorjan2881d ago

A racing game without police seems rarer and rarer.

jordanismetal2880d ago

Can't wait for the beta. Wonder if this mode will be in it.

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