Split/Second - Review (PlanetXbox360)

PlanetXbox360 writes:
"At what point does a racing game not belong in the “racing” genre? It’s a question I asked myself constantly as I dodged missiles, explosions and debris in my play through of Split/Second. S/S is the successor to 2008’s Pure out of Black Rock Studios. Black Rock are quickly making a name for themselves in over-the-top racing and S/S only reinforces that claim. Split/Second is an arcade style race that has players blowing up parts of the track and triggering events to put a stop to your competition. It has a cinematic flair to it with the camera slowing down to zoom in on an explosion or optional replays when you trigger a set piece that knocks out multiple racers. S/S is a fictional TV show that has contestants blowing up the world around one another to try and claim each individual “season” complete with “next time on S/S” and “Today on Split/Second” at the end and beginning of each season."

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