Why GTA V Shouldn’t Be Set In The USA

We’ve been driving, shooting and bludgeoning prostitutes to death in Rockstar’s fictional take on American cities for 13 years now. It’s time for a change. With GTA V likely to be unveiled later this month at E3, we thought it was time to put forward an argument for the series heading to farther shores. Below, we'll tell you why we don't want the series to go back to the US, while also fighting cases for a return to London and even a GTA set in the future.

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AliTheBrit192969d ago

Rockstar North is British for god sake! its time they brought the series back to the UK

GTA Manchester or GTA London please!

George Sears2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I thought Rockstar North is Scottish.

Anyway, there is 50 US states these guys can work with. They havent tackled places like the mid west or dirty south. Places like Detroit, Atlanta, Louisiana ring a bell of great setting for a new game.

rockleex2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

The next GTA game will be GTA IV: Vice City.

After that will be GTA IV: San Andreas.

This is my prediction.

Chubear2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I always seem to enjoy games more when the setting is in a different region than in the states.

I'd say, the next GTA should have a Japanese Yakuza Xter. Sort of like Yakuza the game but more for a western flow to the game or should I say more GTA like than Yakuza the game.

Though GTA is one of the rare games I prefer a USA backdrop to, I'd like to see the game spread a bit more across the pond for couple of missions here and there.

See, THIS is what we could have with utilizing the PS3 & PSN as an exclusive title. GTA not just in a city be globally.

graemed20052969d ago

yeah they are scottish, GTA: Glasgow wuould be cool lol, their could be many plots (football hooligans, immigration etc)

The_Count2969d ago

I'm Scottish before British. Yeah GTA Glasgow xD. With the old firm rivalry

DavidMacDougall2969d ago

Yeah i'm Scottish before British too.

They could never make a GTA Glasgow, the whole world plays GTA are you telling me they would all understand a Glaswegian accent?

rockleex2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Why do you think Vice City wasn't named GTA 4 instead? Why do you think San Andreas wasn't named GTA 5?

GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas were like a trilogy.

GTA 4, GTA4 Vice City, and GTA4 San Andreas will be this gen's trilogy.

Plus, Rockstar already said that they GTA series is purely based on America. If they wanted to make a GTA-type game based on Tokyo or Europe, they would have to create a new IP.

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ZombieAutopsy2969d ago

but if its in the UK no one will have guns /s

In all seriousness though i hope its set in London.

josh143992969d ago

the getaway was set in london and that head plenty of guns so im sure it would work well. also it would be a fictional england so having guns wouldnt seem out of place. gta manchester would be cool as well

Kleptic2969d ago

well when it comes to urban can't touch the US...which is one reason most GTA games have such incredible satire...

nothing like having a foreign developer create something that makes fun of a nation as much as possible...and then turn around and sell it to that nation to a degree where we can't get enough of it...thats really the best part of GTA for me...if they set it in some other non-US would lose a good bit of its observable wit...while it would still be funny, but most of us wouldn't get it...but everyone knows how ridiculous the US inner cities are...just about as blatantly retarded and volatile as an area of 'peace' can be...

AngryFork2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Japan or bust.

I wouldn't mind London, just make the streets a little larger than they were in The Getaway, it was annoying as hell trying to speed through those, but the game was unique either way.

The other problem is these places need recognizable landmarks, I mean Louisiana seriously? Who cares about that state. The place has to be a world-renowned area imo with important landmarks and cultural references, not just some random state/country that Rockstar hasn't done before.

HSx92969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Setting: Tokyo
Character: A Japanese guy
Hobby: Street Racing/ Hustler/ Yakuza Member

Plot: Your dad is in the Yakuza and he starts fkin around so the head asks him to pay his debts, you gotta hustle people and street race, kill people etc.. to pay the debt, before you meet the boss for the exchange, you meet new friends who are in a rival gang, but they secretly seduce you to join their gang, before you know it, you are against your own and instead of giving the money to the head boss you kill him and rig the place with explosives, you run with your new friends, your dad gets killed and you get rich as fk... then idk.

Heisenberg2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I'd like to see R* try some new things, there are endless possibilities with a game like GTA.

AAACE52969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

When they came out with GTA London 1969, it wasn't as well received as they thought! I liked it, but other didn't as much.

Hard fact is, the european areas aren't that appealing to most! I think of all of the movies that I have seen that take place over in those area, and quite honestly... it seems pretty boring! Plus, don't they have laws against cussing(swearing)? Which is why people say stuff like "Bloody" and "Wanker" instead of "F*ckin" and "Sh*t"!

If they do make one, I hope they show what makes others think it's so great over there so I can see it as well, because games like The Getaway just didn't do it for me!

If I had a choice, i'd say Tokyo as well!

BYE2969d ago

Meh...UK has bad weather, we already had this with Liberty City. If it's not gonna be Vice City or San Andreas at least it should be a sunny place on earth, maybe Cape Town, South Africa or Havanna, Cuba (Remember Driver on PS1?).

I'd favor Cape Town, stunningly beautiful place on earth with a high crime rate and a lot of political issues. Great potential for a GTA game.

Yi-Long2969d ago

... set it in a fictional asian city, where you have EVERYTHING you need for an amazing GTA-experience: hills, nature, great architecture, modern rich areas as well as slums, a great culture to take inspiration from (triad/yakuza movies, martial arts, anime/manga, etc etc).

They could either make a fictional city based on a mix of different asian cities (Kyoto, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, etc etc), or base it completely on Hong Kong (3 'islands', has everything).

Every time I'm in Hong Kong I go all over the place, and ALWAYS I think to myself: this would be an amazing setting for a GTA game.

Uzesgelen_Goo2968d ago

there is True Crime : Shanghai coming looking forward! :)

NecrumSlavery2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

This is my opinion, take or leave it....

GTA has been in LA, Miami, New York (too many times) themed settings. And I think Red Dead Redemption sealed the glory of the old west. LA Noire takes on the 50s. AGENT, yet to be known.

So, what about Detroit? There is plenty of city, country, and more to explore. Could allow for Canadians and Arabs for cultural collaborations. Plus, I really want to blow a guy away with a shot gun and spread blood on the snow. And let it cover up the body. It seems like the perfect setting. Especially if Rockstar is going the really serious route with the GTA series, like they did with GTAIV.

But if they don't stay USA, then the UK would be cool. I am thinking that GTA could just go some crazy ass route, like CAVEMAN era (Dinosaurs to ride and tribes to make) or 80's-esk Escape from LA/Demolition Man style Futuristic.

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Batzi2969d ago

because we got bored with the US settings. Tokyo or Moscow would be the perfect choice.

Sigh2969d ago

yeah I want tokyo also. Somewhere in Asia basically. I know we already have Yakuza 3 for that, but I want to see Rockstar's take on it.

oguzsasi2969d ago

To be in moon space station and moon itself! Or in desert. Or in Antarctica! Or in underwater utopia city like Rapture!

Not a city again please!

Gish2969d ago

Not to mention they have beaten the horse dead on american culture satire. Many more cultures that haven't been made fun of in a long time.

koehler832969d ago

Has everyone forgotten that every GTA takes place in a fictional setting?

Do you really want a GTA game entirely voiced with horrible accents?

To each their own, I guess.

ThatArtGuy2969d ago

You mean like all the GTA's before it?

koehler832969d ago

Accents in America are genuinely terrible. Accents outside of America have to be authentic. There's no one in the UK faking a British accent. And worse, R* would inevitably use the wrong British accent for whatever region it chose to set the game in.

It's a no win situation.

The_Count2969d ago

Considering Rockstar North is in Scotland (part of britain) dumbfuck.

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