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Kingdom Come2853d ago

I'm looking forward to seing Rage and Fallout:New Vegas, we'll probably be shown F:NV but only recieve a trailer for Rage as QuakeCon is in August...

killyourfm2853d ago

I'm sincerely HOPING something playable emerges for Rage @ QuakeCon!

IrishAssa2853d ago

Hopefully elder schrools is a surprize

pangitkqb2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

would bring tears to my eyes. I've played Elder Scrolls IV: to death and I love it. I've added most mojor mods, every expansion, and more. I love that game and the fifth installment is, hands down, the title I look forward to most in the future.

Moving on, Rage and Fallout:NV are both shaping up nicely from all that i have seen. I can't WAIT to learn more at E3.

Redgehammer2853d ago

Brink and Rage are definitely on my list, and can't wait to learn more abour FNV.

kingdavid2853d ago

I hope they announce elder scrolls V

killyourfm2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I'm hoping they surprise us with SOMETHING :-) Elder Scrolls V would be the ideal surprise...

villevalorox2853d ago

that would be like having a god whisper a sweet secret in your ear. i would just smile ear to ear

Myze2853d ago

Would love to see a new ES, but I seriously hope they can the horrible leveling system. Take a lesson from a lot of the modders, or just use the one from Fallout.

Legosz2852d ago

I agree but not at E3, because the fans would storm the stage and rejoice for the whole day.

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phantomexe2853d ago

The wife is looking forward to another elder scrolls

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The story is too old to be commented.