PES 2011 loses Mark Lawrenson

PES fans who have been calling for a Mark Lawrenson-free game rejoice... The one-time-mustachioed pundit won't appear in PES 2011, CVG has learnt.

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foss33003d ago

If they bring back the Japanese commentary from Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution, one of the best games ever made, then I'll buy it. Sadly PES/WE has gone to the shitter since its PS3 move.

I would love to see WE/PES PS2 version redone for PSN however. I would gladly pay $39.99 for it assuming it had up to date rosters.

ShinMaster3002d ago

Apparently they weren't ready for this gen.

dangert122994d ago

you can tell they wearnt i prefer pro 3 to what they haved done this gen