Make Castlevania mainstream, orders Konami

Castlevania reboot Lords of Shadows needs to be more mainstream in order to appeal to a Western audience, claims Konami Japan.

Speaking the CVG in London recently, Konami's head of product planning, Dave Cox - who has a very shiny business card - revealed that Japan's brief for Lords of Shadow was "make it more mainstream".

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Ingram2998d ago

Stop trying to be relatable, marketable, sellable, producers are always compromising overall quality and personality of games for a "potential" few more bucks, what a pity

Stop getting in the way of creators with the cultural uniformity sh**, we want variety for god's sake, not a homogeneous market where all games are the same


couldnt agree more in the last few gens i have always prefered the games from japan and am getting extreemly annoyed with all jap devs wanting to westernize stuff. Do they not realise that we already have our western games and the devs are experienced in making them and they are removing there main buyers by removing the jap influence in there games.

pkb792998d ago

can space marines kill vampires?

CDbiggen2998d ago

I'm really looking forward to this new castlevania. Although mercury stream have said already that they want to cater to newcomers, from what iv'e seen of the game it looks to keep the style, soundtrack and gameplay that iv'e come to expect from any Castlevania game. With Kojima himself on board I'm sure this will be a killer title. Can't wait to see more at E3.

Ingram2998d ago

I have my reservations about the proximity with the old titles though, funniest thing is, Mercury Steam are Spanish[European], they were asked for trying to be loyal to the series original style despite the 3D, (hard to, for me classic castlevania ought to be in 2D per definition), hence the buzzword "reboot".Now they are told this.

So they are Westerns trying to be japanese trying to be Westerns; I`m from Spain, it makes the same sense that I'm worried about some folkloric topics ending up in the art direction, yet I`m obviously not.

`Cause I try not to be shallow in my judgment...

...A thing Game producers can't help being sometimes, it would seem.

CDbiggen2998d ago

I get what your saying, first they are told to reboot an extremely hardcore franchise yet at the same time making it "mainstream" in the process. IMO Castlevania should always be 2D (linear or otherwise) but from what I've seen of the game I can't wait to see more of it, a lot of classic elements remain the same an epic soundtrack to boot. But i guess we'll have to wait and see on this one.

Optical_Matrix2998d ago

And this my friends is why the Japanese videogame is sinking faster than the titanic this gen. Why games like FFXIII, RE5 and DMC4 were some of the most hated in franchises that are reknowned.
These games have always been popular in the west. Why dumb them down to cater to people who won't give a damn about the game regardless :/

NYC_Gamer2998d ago

well thats why i'm not buying this new castlevania it lost alot of its gameplay just for some mainstream appeal