Sony: PS Move Reaction Time Is 22 Milliseconds

Mark Green of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has said the reaction time for the PlayStation Move is just 22 milliseconds.

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Anarki2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

This is very old news... but good non-the-less

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na2ru12968d ago

$150 for a webcam is a rip off.

na2ru12968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

$150 for a webcam is a rip off.

Djeeaz2968d ago

Have a bubble for the laugh Na2ru1 :D

wicko2968d ago

Still going to be cheaper than Natal I bet. The additional move controller is probably optional.

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Conloles2968d ago

How do these statements from ages ago keep getting approved?

HolyOrangeCows2968d ago

Let's be honest here, you're paranoid.

Move doesn't get bashed much because it's impressively accurate and is bringing the types of games we always hoped the Wii would have but never did (SOCOM).

Elvfam5112968d ago

Whats your point about Move.

Socom 4 needs = 1 Move and 1 add-on
The fight game = 2 Move
Table Tennis = 1 Move
The party game = 1 Move (4 probably if you play with other people)

Just need an eye all to them mix which will come out to two or three peripherals to play not four.

Natal has only one game they show every time which is the Ball game. Burnout isn't shown no more because of the lag it has. I rather have a working peripheral then a barely working one.

Heartnet2968d ago

So if Sony's is 4 pieces of hardware does that mean that its 4x better and have put 4x as much work in that anybody else?

^^ + it all comes bundled together in a nice neat packagae so shup troll

Ju2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Like Wii, aren't we ? Comes with one controller and a light bar. Nunchuck is extra. Second controller is extra (oh, and the charger kit would be separate, too).

Move is one controller and a camera. Second controller is extra, so is the Navigator. Funny nobody complained before. (charger included)

Killzone3Helghast2968d ago

But the PS Move already does motion tracking with the PS Eye.... all they would have to do is upgrade the tech and it becomes a Natal.. ?

kunit22c2968d ago

Aquanox must be really ignorant to keep posting such stupid comments when he gets proved wrong EVERY TIME.

booni32967d ago

Is that the response time of the sixaxis? they said it was the same.

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blusoops2968d ago

So basically most games run on 100ms lag.

The fastest controller response u can get is 50ms and that's on the ps3 xmb.

1 frame = 17ms

so yeah, 22ms IS impressive.

Orange2968d ago

Nice link. 22 ms is fantastic response.

vhero2968d ago

thanks for that info that's impressive!

raztad2968d ago

I'm ready for Socom 4 and KZ3 on the MOVE :D

TooTall192968d ago

I'm sure KZ3 will be no different. Socom 4 not so much but I'm still looking forward to it.

ProjectVulcan2968d ago

Its simply good to know that lag will be almost impossible to detect. Two thirds of a single frame for most games on Ps3 running 30 FPS. It'll increase controller latency, but by a near undetectable amount. This also means it'll still be useful online where extra latency is factored in...

DeZv32968d ago

Dude just refuses to let it go.

Its kinda sad really. :-/

Sarcasm2968d ago

It really... really is...

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sikbeta2968d ago

This old news, there was an article here stating the same thing but "taking it" as something "bad"


Anyways, Great News Again...

morganfell2968d ago

It's because they do not understand how much the controller lag works nor do they realize what it is in 360 games. They are not going to be so bold when they read the Digital Foundry article at Eurogamer I linked above. Ben Heck built the device to measure the lag.

DTClown2968d ago

22 ms is nothing...what IS something is the launch line up and titles that will support MOVE.

MOVE now has all genera's covered for launch, or close to it...
FPS...double check (Socom, KZ3)
Sports/Golf...double check (TW, minigolf)
Platformer....check (LBP2)
racing...check (GT5 or MotorStorm3)
casual...quad check (various party games)
fighting...check (shown)
sword fighting...check (shown)
Star Wars light Saber... check (my prediction)
sports/archery...check (shown)
Sim... check (Eye Pet)
turn based... check (patched eye of judgement)

ia_studio2968d ago

for those who don't know one second is 1000 miliseconds, one frame at 30FPS is 33.3 miliseconds, in other words 22 miliseconds is less than a frame.

arny2967d ago

100 for a wii remote is a ripoff too

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kidnplay2968d ago

Wow, that's an impressive time.

The Wood2968d ago

whats the wii and wii plus's response time??

wiggles2968d ago

I'm curious as well to see the Wii's response time

Sarcasm2968d ago

About a month, then you realize you've wasted your money.

mal_tez922968d ago

I think my wii is due for a dusting off now with monster hunter tri and mario galaxy 2. But I agree that my Wii was a bad investment