Zen Studios Releases Planet MiniGolf For PSN

Ex: Following up on the critical success of Zen Pinball, Hungarian game developer Zen Studios is releasing Planet MiniGolf - their original take on miniature golf - exclusively to the Playstation Network today.

We've got screenshots, a list of features, and a tease about future Move support.

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nycredude2966d ago

This is pretty cool. Priced right and I'll buy.

DTClown2966d ago

"With that, keep your eyes out for new courses in the near future, as well as some revolutionary new support features (hint hint)!"

MOVE enabled...probably will be shown at E3. This will make two MOVE golfing titles, for the pro's out there... EA's Tiger Woods for MOVE and for the kids & the rest you love mini golf... Planet MiniGolf from Zen for the MOVE.

MOVE now has for launch or close to it...
FPS...double check (Socom, KZ3)
Sports/Golf...double check (TW, minigolf)
Platformer....check (LBP2)
racing...check (GT5 or MotorStorm3)
casual...quad check (various party games)
fighting...check (shown)
sword fighting...check (shown)
Star Wars light Saber... check (my prediction)
sports/archery...check (shown)
Sim... check (Eye Pet)
many others....check check check. (shown)

Lykon2966d ago

sounds like a great little game ...very interested