E4G: Blur Review

E4G: Considering two similar games came out in a short time period it is inevitable they will be compared. I am talking about Blur and Split/Second of course. All in all i would say they are in general on the same level, each with its own ups and downs but let's talk about Blur.

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dardinkay2787d ago

Great review, great read!

matrix2242787d ago

MEh...I still perfer a good old classic game of mario kart;;;

dardinkay2787d ago

Nothing wrong with that, it is a good classic game.

dkblackhawk502787d ago

Yep, definitely a great read.

mjolliffe2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Awesome game :) Loved it from the minute I got it!

dardinkay2787d ago

Same here! Gotta love early copies :P

mjolliffe2787d ago

Journalism isn't about early copies. It's about loving the industry :)

DocOfGaming2787d ago

I am sorry but I just had to register to comment on this....but the review basically read my mind lol...It is kinda weird to say that but it had all the facts about the game and the good and bad. Straight forward review.

TacoBurrito2787d ago

MP i give 9/10. SP i give 5/10

FanboyAttack2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

How does such a poorly written and brief review have 120 degrees? In less than an hr. On a game that came out last week. Hmmmm me thinks your cheating.

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