New PSPgo deal detailed

Sony formally announces the new PSPgo offer!

Sony have just announced a new deal for PSPgo owners (new customers only) which was rumored last week and they have turned out to be true! PSPgo owners can get 10 free games as listed below! The deal is similar to the last PSPgo deals in that you have to download a theme that will become available on the 9th June!

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Conloles3034d ago

Wow but considering you can get 1000's of free games on the regular PSP I somehow don't think this will take off either.

addyjones12343034d ago

I think 'legally' is the important word here...

khellendros13034d ago

You do realize that thinking like that is the reason more developers don't support system. Piracy is killing the PSP.

despair3034d ago

really how is getting 10 free games, some of which from the list are amazing games, not great, the PSPgo is a great handheld its just that many saw the cost as too high.

Dnied3034d ago

I'd say its a great deal if you don't already own a PSP. Those are some solid games to choose from.. if I was looking for a psp right now I might actually pick it up lol even though I still enjoy my UMD versions =(

RockmanII73034d ago

trying to sell a few more PSP's before their PSP2 announcement at E3

SuperStrokey11233034d ago

THis is what im thinking too, but who knows. Might not happen to TGS so as to not let the 3DS steal all the thunder?

WHo knows now days.

SuperStrokey11233034d ago

Great deal if you want a GO, that being said dont huge game bundles usually come before a console being discontinued?

Nicaragua3034d ago

yeah right - new MGS game, new GOW game, VC2, Persona 3 all coming in the next few months and the PSP is going to be discontinued ? Get real.

That also applies to people who think that a PSP 2 is about to be announced at E3, your in dream land.

despair3034d ago

agreed. I never understood how a handheld that sold over 60 million worldwide and has games that sell over a million copies is called a flop and should be discontinued.

butterfinger3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Who said the PSP was going to be discontinued? If I remember correctly, the PS2 still had plenty of new titles coming out for it (including Persona 4) well after the PS3 launched. The new MGS game will definitely be out before a new PSP and same goes for VC2. A PSP2 could easily coexist with the original for at least another year. I have a feeling that Resident Evil PSP is going to be a PSP2 launch title, or at least is being developed for the PSP2 now.

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The story is too old to be commented.