David Cage's next title called "Horizon"

VG247 has learnt that Heavy Rain’s David Cage is now casting for a project called “Horizon,” said to be centered on a twenty-something couple.

We were told the plot involves “a curious man raised very insularly meeting a free woman who is hesitant to exercise her freedom.”

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AngryFork2914d ago

More PS3 exclusives.

Microsoft buying up Modern Warfare DLC, Sony investing in developers for full unique games.

Another one bites the dust M$. Can't wait until next-gen when all you're gonna have is Halo 7 and DLC for a random multi-plat as your launch games.

NeoBasch2914d ago

Sounds exciting. I hope more developers take after Quantic Dream. I'd like to see some more mature games for once. I was there day one for Heavy Rain. I'll be there day one again for Horizon. Hopefully, they'll reveal more at E3, but I doubt it. Here's hoping. ^_^

badz1492914d ago

I'm ready for everything this guy is up to! HR is pure AWESOME! I was caught off-guard!

Son_Lee2914d ago

Already sounds interesting. I'm intrigued.

Galaxia2914d ago

Sounds like this will have some interesting characters.

remanutd552914d ago

i smell a new playstation family member in the not too distant future lol

redDevil872914d ago

I had to google "insularly" lol

sounds kinda interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.