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SpoonyRedMage2971d ago

Oh, wow. It looks just like the show!

I don't know how good or bad it'll be though, it looks like it could go either way.

DarkSpawnClone2971d ago

Batman:TAS is a way better show and this looks horrible compared to batman:AA,batman AA 2 will eat this game alive,batman AA 1 already dose lol.the only way i see this is Bad,its like some thing i would buy for a little kid not a gamer,this game will suck.

Myze2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The shows are completely different, and BatB has pretty much every character in the DC universe, unlike TAS. BatB is supposed to take itself less serious, as TAS was extremely gritty and serious. Anyway, saying it looks horrible compared to AA is kind of silly, being as this is a DS game and will have much much less money put into it.

I have no intention of buying this either, but just trying to put into perspective that it's not trying to compete with AA or be extremely serious, but it will have an audience.

I, myself, am waiting for AA2, and even more so, DC Universe Online, which I hope turns out good (because it's a pretty good bet AA2 will).

Oh, and by the way, you may wanna actually watch the show before you trash it. I would say it's not even really a kids show, because most of the humor a child wouldn't understand. No, it's not incredibly deep, but it is very funny at times. Try watching Chill of the Night, or for something different, Mayhem of the Music Meister. Those and several other episodes match up to the very best of TAS. Sure, the quality isn't quite as consistent as TAS, but the show is very much worth watching.

HolyOrangeCows2971d ago

Looks terrible. It looks like a bad licensed game from the early nineties.

SpoonyRedMage2971d ago

@Myze: It seems most people think Batman was created by Frank Miller and can't appreciate some Silver Age Cheese.

As for the quality of the game, it's being made by Wayforward, the developers behind Contra 4, Shantae and A Boy and his Blob, if they've been given time it should be awesome.

Sunny_D2971d ago

It'll probably suck like most games based off a kid's cartoon. Avatar anyone?

Plus, this is the corniest Batman I've ever seen. This is no Dark Knight, more like Clown Knight.

Getoffdiznuts2971d ago

man i hope this game is not 50 dollars.

NYC_Gamer2971d ago

they could have made a real batman game for the wii instead of this trash..

n4f2971d ago

wow i though that batman was strong but i dont think that even him would tolerate the brave and the bold. just imagine the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.