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MotorStorm 3 Announcement Incoming

The lastest Meristation Podcast has teased that a new game based on the MotorStorm franchise will be announced for PS3 in the next few days. (Motorstorm 3, PS3)

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saint_john_paul_ii  +   1760d ago
well, everyone saw this one coming because:

1.the Devs are running on a 2 year dev time

2.Sony recently took the rights of the official motorstorm 3 website name.
I LOVE GAMES  +   1760d ago
MotorStorm 3 Announcement Incoming
Bring It On
Conloles  +   1760d ago
Lol there's gonna be 3 motorstorms before GT5 even comes out, can't wait for this loved the first 2.
talltony  +   1760d ago
Motorstorm franchise is
personally my favorite racing game of this gen. I just find the destruction and the mud just so damn cool. Love motorstorm.
rockleex  +   1760d ago
Motorstorm 3 wish list:
1. Weapons!!!!!
2. Power ups!!!!
3. Be able to participate in the carnival and all its extra events
4. Destruction mode where you just try to destroy everyone else's vehicles
5. 3D

na2ru1  +   1760d ago
I was waiting for this
Rockleex I agree those features would be awesome.
rockleex  +   1760d ago
How did I get 2 disagrees?
I knew some people wouldn't want weapons in Motorstowm, but I expected at least a reply explaining why.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1760d ago
because no one wants another mario Kart type of game. theres already 3 games that do that

2.ModNation Racers
3.Sega AllStar Racing
4.WipeOut HD
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rockleex  +   1760d ago
Why would it be another Mario Kart?
If Motorstorm had weapons, it would be closer to Twisted Metal than Mario Kart.

*sighs* And here I thought people loved Twisted Metal. -_-"
badz149  +   1760d ago
okay, I don't want weapons and maybe also power ups! but ability to make your own ride would be AWESOME!

p/s: I didn't click the disagree though!
Hideo_Kojima  +   1760d ago
I would like the ability to jump onto other peoples bikes or quads as you knock them off...

Imagine playing online and than some bastard jumps on your bike and you have to reset you would feel so owned.
yoshiroaka  +   1760d ago
I wonder where this one will take place??

Or will it be a motorstorm international that takes place all over the world in different conditions... argh!! i need to know!
Independent_Charles  +   1760d ago
motorstorm in alaska maybe? you can imagine the snow tracks left behin jumping over glaciers and cause its cold=more TURBOOOO!1
Hideo_Kojima  +   1760d ago
Motorstorm on ice would be good but it has been done on PSP...
Hopefully it will go international.
TOO PAWNED  +   1760d ago
Not sure about this, whats the point with 3rd game? They should have done something else.
Jamie Foxx  +   1760d ago
@too pawned,considering their adding weapons
im excited for motorstorm 3 and apparently its the graphics king so we'll see
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redDevil87  +   1760d ago
adding weapons?!

Where did you hear that?
Jamie Foxx  +   1760d ago
cant remember but i did read it
so well see if im right soon...
Hideo_Kojima  +   1760d ago
If it was weapons such as baseball bats and chainsaws I would like it but please please please no guns.
Commander TK  +   1760d ago
Still haven´t got
either of them. Will get the 2nd 1 though
KiasuKiasiMan  +   1760d ago
Hmm, I think Sony will focus on hardware (Move, new slimmer PS3? and maybe a PSP2) as well as firmware updates. Hopefully, it'll bring Google TV and Chrome to teh PS3, given Sony's recent partnership with Google. I think there'll be more 3rd-party game announcements than first-party announcement at Sony's E3 given the number of pre-announcements.

Well, its just a guess.
M-Easy  +   1760d ago
How much slimmer can the ps3 get?
basicsameh514  +   1760d ago
i dont understand why sony just dosent save all this for e3?
koehler83  +   1760d ago
Because we know these are all coming. Why waste precious E3 time on the obvious?

Minds will be blown when people find out Sony is merging PS2 and PSP into a single product, a portable PS2: The PS2go.

You heard it here first.
mal_tez92  +   1760d ago
To build hype
I think they want to get some buzz going before e3. That way more people will be interested in what they reveal there.

Not sure if than makes any logical sense, but it's just an idea.

All I want to see is some KIllzone 3 gameplay. Judging from that low res video, the shooting seems to have been dumbed down sadly. Hopefully the game keeps the awesome aiming, shooting and movement mechanics from Killzone 2.
TheHater  +   1760d ago
Because E3 isn't what it used to be
The internet pretty much is sending E3 to it grave because we have instant access to video game news and news in general. E3 was huge 6 years ago because Gamers were still relying on magazines and E3 for all their gaming news. Now, we just go to your favorite video game website and don't have to wait on the latest issue of GameInformer for our video game news.

Another reason why SONY is doing this is because by announcing each of these games, some leaked, is allowing each game to have their spotlight without having to compete with other games for that spotlight.
the-show-stopper  +   1760d ago
i like getting news straight from e3
why wait a month after e3 has happened to learn what has happened at e3
the web is killing the surprises but not e3
instead its killing the magazines
wenaldy  +   1760d ago
Woohoo!!!! :D
ExgamerLegends2  +   1760d ago
wonder wat the new theme is
We've had plain off road, volcano and snow. Maybe a post apocalyptic city for 3? It be kinda cool driving through war torn cities jumping over collapsed buildings a various other debris.
koehler83  +   1760d ago
I'd like to see them redo snow on PS3. Naughty Dog did snow so well and Guerrilla Games is trying their hand at it now too. I think dynamic snow simulation done properly would be really great in Motorstorm; Much better than the PSP is capable of.

Either that, or a massively destructive urban environment.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   1760d ago
Motorstorm 1 - Big Rig

Motorstorm 2 - Monster Truck

Motorstorm 3 - ....?

Can't wait to see what they come up with to top pacific rift.

Oh, and the trailer as well, can't wait for that. They're always outstanding.
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ExgamerLegends2  +   1760d ago
Well to go along with my post apocalyptic city idea...
A tank would be fitting.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   1760d ago
Bahaha, terrific.

Or something similar...

along these lines perhaps (attached)....

I'm also hoping for some customization this time around.

Related image(s)
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na2ru1  +   1760d ago
Yeah just imagine
Being outrun by a tank lol.
Tony-A  +   1760d ago

You heard it here first....
bloodybutcher  +   1760d ago
or perhaps unicycle?
Kingdom Come  +   1760d ago
Looks like Sony are setting up a strong line up for E3.
Prcko  +   1760d ago
infamous 2
motorstorm 3
killzone 3
little big planet 2
Sony won e3 and it even didn't started hahaha
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Kingdom Come  +   1760d ago
I'm not taking sides but...
don't you think Microsoft/Nintendo might just be good at keeping their line-up secret?
callahan09  +   1760d ago
In all fairness, these games aren't known to us because Sony can't keep a secret. Sony purposefully revealed them. It's not like they were trying to save them for announcement at E3. So Sony has announced a few games in the past month, then there's going to be more announcements at E3.
Tony-A  +   1760d ago
Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 were deliberately revealed by Sony.

inFamous 2 and MotorStorm 3 are only based on people's observations of Sony taking out the rights for their websites. Also, a possible cast member for inFamous 2 basically exposed the game on Twitter.
The Wood  +   1760d ago
bit premature Prcko
but sony have the ips and the studios. Look at the variety and quality of the ip's he's mentioned.. Not to be scoffed at. Of course Nintendo and MS will bring their sh!ts too but if i had to put a bet on who would bring the most....id go with sony
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ernsttco  +   1760d ago
Such an underrated franchise. The best arcade/of road racing game ever. I hope part 3 is combination of 1, 2, and the theme from the PSP game. Also, I hope they throw in some metropolis like courses.
the_manson_charles  +   1760d ago
Pacific Rift was insane fun, looking behind you to see the automotive carnage you’d caused always brought a big grin to my face :) I usually don’t like arcade racers, but Motorstorm is definitely the exception.
remanutd55  +   1760d ago
LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!! one of my personal best new IPs this generation , love Motorstorm !!!!!!! , cant freaking wait to see the first trailer !!!!
Panzerkanzler  +   1760d ago
I never liked MS2. Even though it was prettier than the first I just didn't like the terrain. I absolutely HATE jungle and heavy vegetation. Looking forward to the third game though! And it would be nice to have so customisation this time around.
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gravv  +   1760d ago
awesome.. gonna buy it for sure it'll complete my motorstorm trilogy collection :D

i hope it have 4 players co-op feature
remanutd55  +   1760d ago
it must have splitscreen online this time around , EVO knows that we want that feature and they better deliver , oh and 3D , photo mode , facebook or youtube integration , cokpick view , 4 players splitscreen off and online , insane crashes , better handling of the cars , deep customization , they need to make the best Motorstorm yet , Big Big raise the bar in handling , customization and even on the environments , EVO MUST top all that , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!
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blusoops  +   1760d ago
Pacific Rift already had 4 player split screen. Don't see why motorstorm3 wouldn't have it.
remanutd55  +   1760d ago
splitscreen online , i know PR feature 4 players offline splitscreen already , i have my Motorstorm Pacific Rift platinum( if u know what i mean ) , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!
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jack_burt0n  +   1760d ago
i hope it doesn't have split screen 4 player means they have to cut back the game engine and how often does anyone use it!?!

online 2 player yeah sure would be great.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__  +   1760d ago
||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

I loved both MotorStorm's;)
FOXDIE  +   1760d ago
Sir I have missed you!
redDevil87  +   1760d ago
Imagine this game in 3D!

Hopefully this game has more to unlock though.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   1760d ago
Pacific Rift was my personal 3008 GOTY. Canit imagine how sick this is gonna be. I hope they let me use both dlc's i purchased last year.
TheHater  +   1760d ago
So how is gaming in the year 3008? How teh graphz and do we control the games with our mind? :P
the-show-stopper  +   1760d ago
thats not good if the GOTY of 3008 is pacific rift
kinda means that games have stopped improving and have gone down hill
micro_invader  +   1760d ago
Awaiting iconic trailer where rider gets squished by vehicle at the end.

E3 is going to be awesome.
the-show-stopper  +   1760d ago
what if they added in aerial vechiles of something like that
or vechiles that travel by water?
Brklynty1  +   1760d ago
Hmm...another E3 type announcement shown before the show...
I sense Sony has a incoming Megaton of epic proportions.
HungPHAT  +   1760d ago
Wow ! If Sony going announce Motorstorm 3 this week , Something HUGE is going to happen at E3 besides PSN+ , MOVE & 3D gaming !!! And the 10 unreleased exculsives that we already know about
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mrv321  +   1760d ago
A nuked city... with guns on the cars.

I'd love that, I mean it'd be so much fun.
OwNizzleD  +   1760d ago
I hope the mud looks sweet. Did anyone think the mud looked better in the first Motorstorm? I loved looking at the replays or pausing just to pan and look at the tracks and flying mud.
jack_burt0n  +   1760d ago
yep it def took a hit in the visuals getting split screen in the game, but they did polish alot of other aspects but some were downgraded for sure.
tiamat5  +   1760d ago
No weaons. The point of MS was winning with raw power and speed just like burnout. Weapons and power ups would ruin it
na2ru1  +   1760d ago
Just add online splitscreen and replays for me.
josh14399  +   1760d ago
sony has the biggest AAA exclusive line up ive seen in a long time
asgharagha  +   1760d ago
why they ruin e3 surprises??????????!!!!!!!!!!! anyway ms3 will be so great i hope they use as much as they can of the unlimited power of ps3 this time
sukas  +   1760d ago
i want in motorstorm 3
+ weapons
+ cockpit view
+ make your own cosutum car
+ destructeble tracks like split second
asgharagha  +   1760d ago
weapons?????r u serious ????it will ruin the game concept at all.but a grat cockpit view is nessesary and i love evolution studio guys they r really cool and energic and their games r coooooooooooooool.yo give us a better MOTORSTORM
sjaakiejj  +   1760d ago
And another one
Anyone seeing a pattern here? All major exclusives of Sony are getting announced and trailers just weeks before E3, something major's going down at E3 this year :o.
jack_burt0n  +   1760d ago
NO weapons, NO 4p splitscreen waste of tech resources.

yes online splitscreen 2p, vehicle modding and water! splashdown style.
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