The greatest bad games ever: Monster Hunter Tri writes, "I really don’t understand Monster Hunter Tri at all. Everything that makes logical sense about the game says that it should not be good: The controls are archaic, 80% of it is grinding, the single player has a lackluster story, it’s unbearably frustrating, and it sucks up hours upon hours of your time to make any sort of significant progress in the game."

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CoffeewithChess3003d ago

I still need to finish the single-player campaign, but I agree with the article about how much time it can consume overall.

matey3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Its not got archaic gameplay its AMAZING this reviewer thinks its a mindless action game its not its a more stratigic game that gives players a more realistic fight with monsters ie no lock on ect u have to double click the L button to shift camera behind u ect,Monsters animate better than most/all games before it,U have limited ammo ect its all stratigic and done so well i mean WoW,This reviewer hasnt got a clue sorry hes pointing to things that the game has chose to do and calling it hardware restraints,I dont think so m8 no lock on makes for better more immersive/realistic gameplay its not an Action game like LOST PLANET,Its a more RPG/MMO so WOW,PHANTASY STAR ZERO,Is what u compare it to not Mindless action games wow some people cant review a game for what it is,Lost Planet is over the top action like GOW ect u get an over the shoulder perspective ect very few character animations ect MH3 is a different beast altogether much more for the long term huge scope,Mindless action games take u on a short more hectic journey MH3 is very long and stratigic hard to master,More hardcore if u like,In short MH3 is 1 of the best MMO/RPG ever FACT with Detailed gameplay oppisite to LostPlanet ect

Jdoki3002d ago

Yeah, you got it right. MH is subtle, requires thought.

I see it more in the same vein as Demons Souls - games where you actually have to think to beat them.

It's a real shame that so many games these days hold the gamers hand all the way through. Challenge is good!!

adlt3002d ago

But I do know these games have been getting progressively easier, I mean from MH on the PS2, and MHF/MHP, MHF2, MHP2, MHFU/MHP2G. I felt like they all got easier, or maybe I got better at the games :D. It really is time consuming, but hey I enjoyed those 1000+ hours. No complaints here!

FinalomegaS3002d ago

but this is much harder, they made sure the MH vets won't just come along and think it's the same old difficulty.

PSO had like what.. 4 areas... then the Plus with 2 extra. and some of us clocked over 4000 hours. Some never hit lv200 but it was fun to play online with others. Tri is much better as an online experience, need to figure out how to stop the auto disconnect when inactivity.

adlt3002d ago

I guess the new monsters and weapons/ enviroments would make even the oldest vets cringe. I wish I could get this, but I don't have a Wii. I can just hope that it comes out for PS3 with better online sometime. For now I'll just watch gameplay on youtube :/

FinalomegaS3002d ago

I use offline for money making, I can clock 100 000 in 20min or less.

Anyone that comes up with "grinding" as an excuse, then stop playing the game and most other games.

If you want non grind then go and play those 5 to 10 hour long games.

I've crafted my gear really for survivability, all the guys around me run around with the same old Rath or Lagi gear... let's face it, critical eye is not going to save you! Heat res is not going to save you! and a slew of other skills.

I use, Speed sharpening ( 1 sec sharpening), speed eating +2 ( that's right, eating animation is next to nothing),master trapper ( 1 sec trap setup)and other useful skills. In a game that anything can happen especially when you need to rely on others to not die make sure you bring it. I don't mind grinding as long as the goal for the gear is within reach. Other MMOrpgs you can be grinding for months and never get the drop.

Just really wish we could lock our city that we create, so when we have it as "PLAYING WITH FRIENDS" we don't have some guy just walking in :\

As for gameplay... He needs to understand that after how many years it hasn't change because there is a reason for that. That is the foundation of the gameplay and in game mechanics. Let's remove the hold down "Y" or "A" button in mario games... oh look at that he can't run anymore...That part of mario has been in there since SMB on the NES to now. Don't come along and try and give your 2 cents about a game mechanic that's been part of a series since day one. The game is made to test you skill and nerves of steel!

in case any of you aren't aware. the game has a lv cap at 999

which by playing online, you notice your HR lv means little except giving you the option to go to other higher * areas.

I might be HR42 but my friend that's HR 60 dies even faster, you live and die by what skills you have on your gear.