The Top 5 Canceled Scary Video Games Here I'm listing five of the most regretfully canceled scary video games, when I think of some of the trash that gets released and see the potential with the games in this list it makes me pretty angry.

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ChiefNuggz2793d ago

Not sure how you can have a top 5 list when the games never come out, but it was an interesting read nonetheless.

HolyOrangeCows2793d ago

RedWood Falls looked good.

Was Campfire going to have live action cutscenes?

"I noticed a return of mass top 5 articles lately"
I like them. They often remind about games that I had forgotten about.

Godmars2902793d ago

Possession, a game that had you as a zombie lord attacking a city as a kind of reversed L4D, wasn't on the list?

MolotovMan12632793d ago

what about Demonik? surely that was KINDA a scary game.

Timesplitter142793d ago

I noticed a return of mass top 5 articles lately.

I thought we got rid of those for good

rezzah2793d ago


And whats wrong if its 3,5,10, or 100?

What would be the best number for a list and why.

MolotovMan12632793d ago

yeah i personally love Top X lists

IaMs122793d ago

Kinda wish they wouldnt tell us or remind us of games that are canceled... now i want a couple of those to come out and they never will :(

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The story is too old to be commented.
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