Exposed: the most culturally insensitive video games of all time

From inbred yokels to black zombie genocide, GamePro counts down the most racist moments in video game history.

GamePro: "Pretty much everything is accused of being racist these days. From Creole chocolate cookies to old reruns of Speedy Gonzalez, the cry of "ZOMG, that’s Racist!" is never far behind. That said, some video games do contain offensive stereotypes, and it's time we all owned up to them.

Not every game on this list is dead-set racist, but they all contain images, scenes or characters that might cause offence to certain groups of people. We've subsequently given each game a 'Cultural Insensitivity' rating to separate the mildly offensive from the truly notorious."

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Dr Face Doctor3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Custer's Revenge wasn't racist, it was an enthralling tale of the hardships and pressures of the civil war, and particularly the forbidden romance between General Custer and a Native American girl.

Custer's "little big horn" is clearly a metaphor for global warming... or some hippie crap like that.

Yi-Long3032d ago

... are just oversensitive, and want to bitch and moan about everything that MIGHT be considered ever so slightly racist.

TBH, I think people need to grow up, grow some skin, and learn that not everything has to be 'respectful' and 'sensitive' and 'politically correct'.

So you're a bit offended. So what!? Move on.

I think that it's an absolute JOKE to consider this stuff racist, while not that long ago we had REAL racism (which is still going on today, luckily to a lesser degree).

bjornbear3032d ago

I like to believe that everyone has the equal right to be offended and to offend.

but thats just far to radical for this world -_-

wicko3032d ago

Completely agree. To be honest, I think people who get all worked up about this kind of thing, or otherwise get offended so easily are less mature than those being offensive. Particularly stuff like South Park episodes, if you're offended by that show and you're vocal about it, I'd say you need to grow up. A mature person would not take it personally and either ignore it or otherwise not make a big stink about it.

Yardie3032d ago

Please don't talk about South Park, I still cry myself to sleep knowing that they haven't shown the latest episodes (200, 201) in England because of the terrorist death threats. it's a cold time for free speech.

Penno3032d ago

KZ Manager sounds completely sick and reprehensible.

I don't have a problem with hawt Nazi manga babes though (Moe Moe Niji Taisento FTW!)

Rocket Sauce3032d ago

I like how the Japanese Nazi porn was rated among the least offensive games.

grumpysmurf3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

The most racist thing that the gaming industry's ever done was change the Xbox 360 from white to black. It was a huge insult to Anglo-Saxon gamers everywhere.

kraze073032d ago

I thought it was racist going from a black xbox to a white xbox360.

BeaArthur3032d ago

They can only be culturally insensitive if you take them seriously. I have yet to find anything in a game that really offended me.

Saturnize3032d ago

This article is fucking insulting.

bangoskank3032d ago

Fuck yeah it is.
Does Gamepro even know what racism is?
Since when were hillbillies a race?
... fucking idiots...

FanboysWillHateMe3032d ago

haha, we can say "fucking" now!

I feel so liberated, wooooo! fuck fuck fuckity fuck!

8thnightvolley3032d ago

we can say fuck now.. oh shyt!!..


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