Rockstar has not canned E3 announcement

Console Monster writes: "Rockstar have not canned any E3 announcements, despite earlier reports suggesting they had done so.

CVG had claimed that Rockstar had “stepped down” its plans for the E3 show, taking place in 2 weeks time in LA. A spokesperson said to them: "we will be focusing on scheduling dedicated press rounds at our headquarters in the coming weeks.”

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T9X693033d ago

I guess we will find out in 2 weeks.

Conloles3033d ago

So I'm supposed to believe a supposed tweet from Rory Buckeridge, associate Editor for Nuts Magazine who I have never heard of in the gaming scene.

T9X693033d ago

lol I never heard of him either, that's why I'm going to ignore all this claims and just wait the 2 weeks and see what happens. E3 is going to be amazing this year, I can feel it.

BYE3033d ago

I just care about Agent, it's about time that we see some footage.

AngryFork3033d ago

Agent details incoming. Spy thriller exclusive to Sony's Playstation 3 Home Computer Entertainment System.

Just 2 weeks away.

AngryFork3033d ago

PS3 haters in full effect with the disagrees.

Kingdom Come3033d ago

Even though I dont consider an Associate Editor at Nuts Magazine a reliable source, I would like another R* game announced. Hopefully its the GTA game teased within Liberty City Episodes...

gtamike3033d ago

maybe we will see the next GTA game not GTA5 cause thats for the next consoles :)

Dark_king3033d ago

actually we could see GTA5 this gen.They probably have been working on a new engine that pushes the PS3 for Agent.If it were to use that engine then it would be GTA5 not another GTA4 since they only increase the number when they use a new engine.But other then that your right it won't be GTA5 will be something like GTA4 :London or even better GTA4: Moscow.

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The story is too old to be commented.