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Critical Gamer writes: Complaining about cutscenes feels like a futile pursuit for a couple of reasons. Partly because it feels oddly similar to banging a bit of bamboo against the stiff rigor mortis flesh of a deceased equine; partly because it must surely be a fruitless endeavour at this stage. Cutscenes are clearly here to stay and developers are making no secrets about the fact that they all get big, polygonal stiffies whenever they get the chance to live out their moviemaking dreams. I should point out that I have nothing (well…) against cutscenes in theory. In theory they are there to provide the narrative skeleton to a game, presenting aspects of the plot that would have been difficult to convey through gameplay alone. In the olden days they were also a handy tool for developers to show us graphics which the hardware would not have been able to muster up in real time, which broke the flow but looked awesome for the time.

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Jim Crikey2968d ago

I like cutscenes.

Don't hit me!!

gaffyh2967d ago

Same here Jim. If you don't like cutscenes, STFU and don't play Kojima's games, simple as that. The attraction of his games is that they are story-heavy, and that can only be told through cutscenes really.

rockleex2967d ago

Or rather, SHOULD, try to to provide more interactive cutscenes while still retaining a cinematic feel.

Its possible, and Kojima's genius enough to be able to pull it off.

BeaArthur2967d ago

There is a difference between story driven and cutscenes that last as long as full length motion pictures. I like cutscenes but I like them in small snippets.

Downtown boogey2967d ago

It's not so say I dont *like* cutscenes, but they're not a part of true gaming.

DemonStration2968d ago

I like cutscenes when appropriate. Rockstar, for example, does cutscenes you can't really argue with. Bioware offers cutscenes you can interact with and change. And Kojima does his Hollywood wannabe thing that certainly has it's own appeal. It's all about what you're doing with your cutscenes. If they're only there to add some story to a game that shouldn't have a story anyway, or pad out the length of a game, or take away interaction when you could easily be participating, then they are bad.

kneon2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Hold on there, I have much to argue about a particular very important cut scene in Red Dead Redemption. In my opinion they missed a great opportunity to redeem themselves for all the other failings of the story.


So the scene where John is in the barn and then steps out only to get gunned down was really stupid and incongruous to what happened in the game. We just finished killing off several dozen soldiers, taking out a dozen more should have been easy. I had all weapons nearly loaded to the max, I should have been able to just go into the hay loft and lob dynamite at them and then pick off the stragglers.

If they really wanted to have John die then there should have been some epic,, un-winnable battle such as being surrounded while in the barn as wave after wave of soldiers keep coming. Finally the machine guns roll in and they start fire bombing the barn. It would have had much better emotional impact and would have fit in better with the rest of the story. And it would be even better if it wasn't a cut scene, you actually fight the battle only to lose in the end.

Downtown boogey2967d ago

Very true. Games these days shouldn't have cutscenes as they should stay true to themselves. During the whole brief existance of video games they have always touted the possibility to BE and live the character! So let us! I want pure games and not some game-movie hybrids...

scruffy_bear2968d ago

Devil My Cry wounldn't be the same game if it wasn't for all the over the top cut scenes

mjolliffe2968d ago

I do like a few cutscenes, but they need to be good, in the right places and not too many stuffed into one game.

Inside_out2967d ago

Not a huge fan of cut-scenes...for the most part, they take the player out of the game, if done well and are relatively short, they enhance the whole experience...RE4 had the best balance. Short,and to the point. Some parts where moved along with RTE's that took the place of cut scenes while letting the player know the stories plot...some games like UC2 had far to many cut scenes. It felt like you were watching a bad movie. It's all pre-rendered so none of it is in game. Mgs4 had about 25 mins of cut scenes in the first 30 mins of game time. I think that's some kind of

El_Colombiano2967d ago

I think that short cut scenes make the game feel cheap and empty. I want a good meaty and meaningful cut scene and lots of them!

Jockie2968d ago

I like well done cutscenes, but I think videogames need to further develop their own style of storytelling, rather than trying to copy film, because they often come across as a poor imitation of cinema in their methods.

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