Yuri Lowenthal “would love to” play Nightwing in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Critical Gamer writes: This year’s MCM Expo had plenty of great media guests, including voice actor Yuri Lowenthal – who can also be seen on – screen in The Sarah Connor Chronicles as Christopher Garvin. He is also, among many other things, the voice of the Prince in the latest Prince of Persia game and the classic Sands of Time. Wikipedia has him down for the role of Nightwing in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 so, when Critical Gamer spoke to him at the expo (full interview coming soon), we quizzed him on the matter.

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Jim Crikey2997d ago

He's a great actor, if he's not in AA 2 he should be!

sxpacks2996d ago

2V2 team deathmatch
(Batman & Joker) vs (Nightwing & Harley)
(Batman + nightwing) vs (Joker and 2 face)

scruffy_bear2997d ago

Cool hope he get's the call, tho Wiki says he's playing Nightwing in Arkham Asylum 2

mjolliffe2997d ago

Can never trust wiki 100% though, can we :/

DemonStration2997d ago

Let's hope he gets it, he was the best Prince of Persia. Sorry Nolan North.

Jockie2997d ago

Nolan North doesn't need platitudes, the dude is too busy voicing every second video game character in existence!

N4GAddict2996d ago

He's in almost everything

Silentmerc3nary2996d ago

I agree. Dunno why every everybody is hating on him in the Forgotten Sands.

Cubes2996d ago

Loved the original Arkham Asylum, and the sequel can't come soon enough.

N4GAddict2996d ago

I hope it won't disappoint.

Jeff2572996d ago

I think he would do great as Nightwing. He did an excellent job in the PoP games. He also did a great job in the Legion of Superheroes cartoon as Superman and Superman X.

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