Alpha Protocol 'should've been cancelled' - Obsidian Dev

An alleged and anonymous Obsidian developer has blasted his company's latest RPG, Alpha Protocol, barking on the internet that the game 'should've been cancelled'.

Posting in the comments section of Joystiq's Alpha Protocol review (which calls the game "a technical nightmare"), the anonymous Obsidian man - known only as 'a tired dev' - backs up the US site's negative comments

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gtamike3032d ago

"technical nightmare"
Like Fallout 3 but is the best RPG I played.
Might rent Alpha Protocol to be safe :)

Rainstorm813032d ago

i like fallout as well but fallouts problems werent as glaring as AP's, not to mention after putting some time into the game it feels like a bad rip off of Mass Effect.

Conloles3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

This article was on here a few days ago... who approves this honestly.

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8thnightvolley3032d ago

renting... after looking at the reviews the combat and gun mechnic seems pretty bad. rifles all the way and dont look back, according to Gametrailers.

Megaton3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Yeah, Fallout 3 was a technical abomination, like all games on that engine. Totally awesome, though. Well worth suffering through its technical flaws. Same with Mass Effect. Has a framerate worse than all bad PS3 ports combined, but it's an amazing game.

As far as Alpha Protocol goes... It doesn't look as good as the other 2 I mentioned. Not even close. Sometimes a turd is just a turd.

RagTagBnd4453032d ago

Alpha protocol got far worse problems than Fallout 3, believe me.

Are_The_MaDNess3032d ago

i hear that, i cant even see the text sometimes (when i choose what to say), and in a game where we talk ALOT there is no fun in it

AAACE53032d ago

I really wanted AP when it was first announced, but when I saw it in motion,I kind of figured it might not be that good! I'll get it at $20.

Tony P3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

The thing is, for a supposed "technical nightmare" I am having an amount of fun that seems to belie that. I don't feel like I'm settling for less saying that. I feel like I got a LOT of game for my money.

People have been talking about this like it's utterly and completely flawed. It's not. It ain't nowhere near *polished*. But it's damn enjoyable. There are negative aspects in the controls admittedly, but hardly is this Big Mutha Truckers RPG. That is hyperbole and bandwagoning at it's worst.

I've had fun with every area of the game. And others will while some will read that it isn't ME2 or that one dev isn't proud of it and take that as license to pretend there's nothing good about it.

All I can go by is my experience with the game which has been mostly positive.

theycallmeryan3028d ago

I think I am alone (other than you of course) in saying that I think Alpha Protocol is a pretty good game. Is it perfect? No. I actually hope they make a sequel to it because I think a sequel would be GREAT because the pieces are all there.

Also, I really wish they hadn't cancelled the alien RPG, but I am looking forward to this unannounced project, I just hope they find a better publisher than SEGA because I think Obsidian is a great developer that needs a big break.

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SilverSlug3032d ago

old. I thought it was posted a few days ago here? I swear... I picked it up as a story from HERE a few days ago.


T9X693032d ago

It was, people on the internet are stoooopid.

Parapraxis3032d ago

...says the guy on the internet.

KilZoneGeneralStrife3032d ago

ESPECIALLY with rpgs like Mass Effect doing its rounds

BeaArthur3032d ago

I kind of had a feeling this one wasn't going to be any good. I was turned off the first time I saw him crotch and move. Horrible animation.

Legionaire20053032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

a terrible sh*t of a game they called an RPG!!! The sad thing is that there are many games that should been delayed or cancelled to avoid bad reviews. So this is why bad games get through for the company to get a quick buck!!! Its just management and those executive types that destroy everything they don't want to listen to the regular worker. If they made this game like the great Action RPG Deus Ex, it would have been better with that great conversation system intact and it would have been a possible to get game of the year. Too Human, many other bad games especially movie games all failed due to management screwing things up.

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