Go! Gaming Giant: Blur Review

From the review:

"When I was a bit younger, racing games were a blast. Super Mario Kart, Road Rash, Cruis’n USA, San Francisco Rush…these were some of my favorite games. And then out of nowhere, boring racing simulation games like Gran Turismo and Forza became popular and it just wasn’t the same anymore. These games focused more on being realistic and less on being fun, so I completely lost interest. Years later, after many failed attempts of getting back on the track, I took part in the Blur private beta and was blown away by just how fun it was. Everything came rushing back to me and I was reminded of what always made those old games so enjoyable. For that reason, I was somewhat nervous over the prospect of playing and reviewing the full retail version because I was worried that it could not live up to the hype I had given it. With all of the changes made over the last few months, can it compare to the fun-filled multiplayer beta?"

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