Earthworm Jim HD New Trailer

This new trailer shows off new levels with four multi-coloured Jims jumping around the cosmos in entirely new coop levels, but it also shows new single player content.

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garos822821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

earthworm jim to me was the best platformer back in the day. the characters were highly imaginative and the game was humourous fun and challenging. id love to kick queen slug-for-a-butt's butt again!

Montrealien2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I agree, Aladin, and the two Earthworm Jim games where easily some of my best platforming moments in the 90s. The hand drawn animations where truly something new in those days and you really sensed some progress in an already old genre. With that said, this remind me of another guilty Dave Perry pleasure, Cool Spot.

He had a hard time with Shiny at the end, but seing some of these old classic reminds you why he was seen as one of the pioneers of gaming, being mainstream.

anyways, I am rambling, Earth Worm jim games in`HD is f*cking awesome!

Brewski0072821d ago

Yeah man this game was awesome i loved playing this old school, i'll defo buy it if the price is right. Glad to see them adding new content to it also, it always helps. Loved the cartoons theme tune also :P

JOLLY12821d ago

I just know that this game needs an instruction manual. The ones from 1 and 2 are so damn classic!

MajestieBeast2821d ago

Lol piano cat plays jim off. By the way is it coming to ps3?

Endless_X2821d ago

I thinks it's coming one month later than the XBLA version.

SuperStrokey11232821d ago

I dont think it is coming to PS3 at all. Which sucks as it looks great.

Endless_X2821d ago

Check this interview:

"A-JC: Earthworm Jim HD will first release on XBLA in June. The PSN version will follow one month later."

redDevil872821d ago

Earthworm Jim games were quality :D

Loved the colour palette in these games

Cajun Chicken2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Nice! Now remake MDK.

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The story is too old to be commented.