Worst Choices Made by Nintendo

GFB: "There is no argument about the great impact Nintendo has had on the gaming industry. Even with amazing contributions like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, mainstream motion-sensing controls via the Wii and the Super Mario Bros. franchise, not even Nintendo has gone without a misstep or two. So while we spend a lot of time praising the mega-publishers and hardware manufacturers in our many “greatest of” lists and articles, we decided to take a moment and look at some of the choices we’re sure Nintendo wishes they could erase from the history books of gaming. Some of the items on the list may be fond memories to collectors, but there’s no doubt Nintendo would erase them from existence if they could."

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BattersUp2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Nintendo doesn't make mistakes. They have temporary hiccups. Although ws amusing enough to share.

Conloles2972d ago

Your right they just make substandard backward consoles.

gtamike2972d ago

Nintendo are so far behind, I mean look at the DS it's not even close to PS1 graphics.

Nugundam00792972d ago

and it still whoops the PSP's ass

midgard2272972d ago

thats cuz its for casuals and kids lol.

why wud a parent buy their kid a system that has no educational games and a bunch of violent/teen+ games?

i worked at game crazy and parents are the reason so many people hhave the ds. that and it has pokemon lol.

psp is for the hardcore or older gamer while ds is for young and casual gamers

koh2972d ago

Well itd be hard to classify the DS as a failure either way. Someone has to make games for casual gamers and children. No one makes fun of Tonka because they don't make real trucks.

Matthew942972d ago

yes it is close to ps1 graphics. Rayman 2 was a launch title which was a port from the ps1 version and it looked just as good

Mini Mario2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

"Nintendo are so far behind, I mean look at the DS it's not even close to PS1 graphics."

Actually the graphics of the DS resemble the n64 (hence launch title mario 64!..couldnt play that on a PSone). So imagine how bad the PS graphics would be to you.

"why wud a parent buy their kid a system that has no educational games and a bunch of violent/teen+ games?"

You know i was a kid once that played games. Werent you?

Go Alex kid!

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Mo0eY2972d ago

Nintendo doesn't make mistakes? LOL - go look at the Virtual Boy.

vhero2972d ago

throw gamecube sales on that fire too. Compared to PS2 it was a mistake..

ThatArtGuy2972d ago

Ummm... Virtual Boy was scientifically proven to produce headaches from minor usage. It also had less than a handful of games and sold even less. The creator of the device was so ashamed he left the company, even after creating it's cash cow the Game Boy. I'd call the Virtual Boy a massive failure.

RageAgainstTheMShine2972d ago

oh wait sorry, does anyone knows about it?

eagle212972d ago

Nintendo as well as EVERY company has made mistakes. BUT....these mistakes are why they are #1 today, right now, and this year and You LEARN from mistakes and make sure you don't make them again. Nintendo is dominant because they have outsmarted their competitors. The only way to stop Nintendo's dominance is knock on hundreds of millions peoples doors and try to persuade them to stop buying Nintendo. 95% of them will laugh in your face because they are satisfied with Nintendo's games. I feel sorry for the "fanboy" who cries at night over Nintendo's dominance. It won't end for a LONG time. :)

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GunShotEddy2972d ago

Nintendo will never be able to live down passing on Playstation.

Jamie Foxx2972d ago

yes its sold like 60-70million,but at the sametime they have gone backwards as a GAMING company,nintendo used to have all the best games in every genre,now its literally 'wait for zelda'

they havnt embraced online and i thought sony were slow to the party in that department.

id really love the nintendo of old back

Montrealien2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Tell me Jamie, what was so different from Nintendo of the 80s and 90s from Nintendo of now? Seriously, I would like for you to clear up such a vague statement. I just think you guys don't want to admit that Nintendo has just stuck to their game plan, since day one, nothing has changed. And they have made bad calls, like all the other current gen console makers.

But many of you have to give up this idea that Nintendo was so amazing in the 80s and 90s, because the reality is, they are the exact same company they where back then. However, you are not the same glazed eye kid playing mario bros 2 for the first time. One thing I can assure you is that somewhere in the world there is a glazed eye kid playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 today, and in 2025 he will claim that the Nintendo is not the same as in the good ol days.

The Wood2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

they had the castlevania's turtles, snake rattle n roll..they just had more games but part of my love of their past is just nostalgia plus i was more impressionable and less of a critic then.

I dont want to waggle on 90% of games. Personally i dont mind nintendo doing what they're doing as its good for our industry. Having 3 adult consoles could get boring. With the wii its almost a totally different gaming experience. I dont mind if they continue doing what their doing. When the younger gamers grow up many will migrate to the adult consoles and the circle of 'console' life will continue.

Im 100% with JFox about how slow they are in terms of tech and online. Nothing wrong with having a full blooded stab at it whilst catering to the casuals

Jamie Foxx2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

you answered your own question when you said....'they are the exact same company they where back then'

the gaming demographic has changed since the nintendos of the 90s but sadly nintendo havnt, gaming back in nintendos heyday was seen as a hobby,playstation has since made gaming kool and grown up,microsoft made online gaming on consoles big,nintendo has embraced neither

sorry if the truth hurts Montrealien, i for one always loved nintendo but they are a stubborn company and refuse to roll with the times,bring us the new ips, bring us the jetforce geminis and goldeneyes,bring us great online make real gamers want to play nintendo again

Nicaragua2972d ago

The software you can get for the Wii is a million miles away from the Nintendo of the yesteryear.

On my snes i could play like Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct.

On my N64 i could play titles aimed at older gamers like Turok and Goldeneye.

On my Wii i can play stuff like....errrrm..?

PirateThom2972d ago

Nintendo may be "the same company" and, in many ways, that's very true, but my tastes changed while Nintendo stayed routed in place with little to no innovation in their games (control methods aside).

Not to say grimdark games are the best, more bloom and brown and blood, because that's not what I'm saying at all. I just don't feel Nintendo ever even attempted to appeal to my changing tastes after the N64, new franchises, interesting sequels.

It's always the same story. Nintendo, on the NES and SNES, had the same issue, really, a few first party titles a year with third parties propping it up.... now, there's no third parties doing that. There's no Contras or Castlevanias or Street Fighters or whatever other franchises you care to name and Nintendo don't seem to care enough to make new franchises.

Nintendo do make interesting and quality software, they just don't make enough of it.

midgard2272972d ago

you could play wii sports....or wii sports resort.....or cardio workout! carnival games???....Animal VET???....baahhh, um im trying here, wii play???? how bout wii music? ea sports active, heroes:firefighter? order up? the biggest loser? castlevania judgement? cursed mountain? nitro bike?.....

i could go on and on and on AND ON on how many amazing games are on the wii, cant wait for the next dumbed down madden allplay!

seriously tho, all the bad on thhat console heavily outways the good, basically everything is some stupid sports/ educational/ stupid kiddy garbage game that any indie dev makes.

basically if its not from nintendo it sux

Montrealien2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

You guys all bring up some fair points, but I still think you all are stuck in nostalgia mode when it comes to talking about nintendo of the past. And yes Jamie, the gaming demographic has changed, but humans have not stopped creating children, and many of those children`s parents are the 25-35 demographic you speak of. And no, your opinion does not hurt me Jamie, it is sad that you imagine fellow communtie members, hurting though.

Nintendo has always aimed everyone as their market, and it is paying off, and they are just doing what they always did. Which is having a solid first party line up, and I do agree that the third party support is much worst then its been in the past, but not has bad as it was for the N64, where 3rd party support pretty much died. But nintendo has proven in the past that their consoles do fine with only nintendo games. That is one of the reasons why the gamecube has average 3rd party supprt, it was battling for second place with the Xbox all while Nintendo being in the top 3 software publishers during the whole of the 6th generation.

And many of the classic franchise we loved are accessible on the DS, imho. For example all the best Castlevania games have been on the DS and gameboy during the last 10 years.

@midgard227 , I know you where joking, but here are some good Wii games. And yes, We know, Wii has shovel ware and there is usually more shovel ware then good games.

No More heroes 1-2
Monster Rancher tri
Final Fantasy Crystal bearers
Rabbids go home
Dead space extraction
Red Steel 2
Shirin The wanderer
Little King Story

It aint news that Nintendo does not have the strongest 3rd party support, but there are decent games to be found, outside the amazing Nintendo games and Nintendo has fallen victim of its own succes and that is why the shoveware is there, like their was shovel ware on the PS2, PS1, NES and SNES. And I do believe Sony and MS have a more interesting game library, for me. But there is not need to hate on Nintendo because you are all grown up and wish they would come back to the days, You know, when they had classic games like this available. Just remember, for every classic NES and SNES game you remember, there are 20 bad ones you never heard of. Like..

The Adventures of Rad Gravity
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
Big Nose Freaks Out
Bible Buffet
Conan: The Mysteries of Time
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
Home Alone 2
Kid Klown in Night Mayor World
The Magic of Scheherazade
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

ahh, the good ol days of nintendo...

NexGen2972d ago


Nintendo of old had 3rd party studios flooding the market with actual games. Sure, you posted some poopers (not all of which had the almighty seal of approval) but in this generation we have basically two options: 1st party decent games and shovelware.

What has changed: the cult following of a gimmick control scheme that hasn't been done right yet, and hasn't been capitalized upon with the use of MotionPlus, and the "rush to market with junk for ca$h" mentality by what little 3rd party support they have.

There is no reason that the system couldn't pull of non-waggle gaming, but it doesn't even try.

Back then, miracles were performed with a d-pad and 2 buttons. Today, we have a ton more options yet nothing as fluid as the experience of old. Is this nostalgia or is this the truth? I don't know, but they are vastly different because they have changed, rather than stagnated.

Just think: how well would Ocarina of Time have been received had we been forced to waggle? How well would Super Metroid have worked if we were waggling away? Nostalgia makes old graphics be remembered better than they were; Nostalgia is accurate in the experience though. 3d dot game heroes, for me, is excellent on the basis of a nostalgic experience, albeit modernized.

What's stopping big N? Their changed mentality is my answer.

N4g_null2972d ago

Mon is right and online play is overated since most console fps are gimped game play wise. The same thing that happened to the pc market is happening to the hd one. Sequel sequel then boredom and death.

Also hd gamers almost exclusivly don't support classic game play. There are a ton of games hd gamers just hate yet they actualy started on the snes. You guys choose to only see the worst.

Take samuri showdown, you have to ask for it and it's not even displayed. I can name two hardcore games that no one is talking about any more yet they are on par with xenoblade.

You guys simply refuse to play these games hey that's fine. Even on your platforms of choice. Blaze blue crushes sf and you get the hd king of fighters and space shoot em ups and adventure games along with platforming games simply just pan.

Some where down the line Sony forgot to make traditional console fans. If you loved the past so much then why are you not playing the new blaster master, what about the mega mans and team ninja is giving us a ninja gaiden with a gun in metroid. Also you guys ignore red steel 2 lol and nmh along with monster hunter and a 2 d Mario game plus a Zelda that uses motion plus. Some thing tell me you guys are too broke to try motion plus lol. If you played a game with motion plus thenyou know it has no waggle.

Luckly waggle and full body waggle are on the way.

Argento-Nox2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )


I've been playing videogames since the Atari and NES days and I completely disagree with you. The NES had so many great games (Bubble Bobble, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, Duck Tales, Megaman, Battletoads, etc.) that the Wii now lacks.

Even the SNES had fantastic games like Killer Instinct, SF2, Secret of Mana, Earthbound, FF3, Secret of Mana, Ogre Battle, Donkey Kong etc., while the Wii so far IMO, has had miserable 3rd party support, just like the N64 and Gamecube.

I've played practically every Castlevania game since the NES as well as the 3 DS games, and I disagree with your assessment that the NDS games have been the best. IMO, Symphony of the Nights is the best Castlevania to date, while Castlevania 3 on the NES is another favorite of mine b/c of the different characters you could play. It's easy to point out that the 3 DS games are obviously modeled after the gameplay of Symphony of the Nights as well. The new Lord of Shadows game for the PS3/360 looks to be a new avenue for Castlevania gameplay though.

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dangert122972d ago

Them rejecting sony siding by them via that means was a big mistake for them but a great thing for us gamers imaigine what this gen would look like the wii and the 360 don't actually bring anything new the ps3 does in bluray correct me if i'm wrong plus a completely different architecture that is nothing short of amazing.

Shadow Flare2972d ago

Some people slag off Ken Kuturagi but this is why he's a legend. And its because of Nintendo's back stabbing

gtamike2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

yeah playstation is the best and good video

TANUKI2972d ago

That was a very awesome video. Thanks shadow flare!

eagle212972d ago

I'm sure you really want the Sony of old they dominated...

Nintendo wouldn't trade places with Sony if you paid them too. Sony is awesome though despite competing for second place. I think Nintendo will stay #1 even next generation. They will not rest on their success like Sony did at the start of this gen. :)

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jonlynch2972d ago

I would have said the Wii despite sales because of the damage the system has done to quality games.

Montrealien2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

really now? Every console that is popular falls victim to shovelware.

Here is just a few examples of the PS2 pushing the envelope of game design.

Action Girlz Racing

Airborne Troops: Countdown to D-Day

Alarm for Cobra 11: Hot Pursuit

The Bible Game

Bratz: Forever Diamondz

Bratz: Rock Angelz

Clever Kids-Dino Land

Clever Kids-Pony World

Fame Academy: Dance Edition

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Anyways, you get my drift. If you have a very popular console, you have very crappy games. And you can see crap shovelware on the NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 and obviously, the Wii. I am not saying these console had only bad games, the cream always rises to the top and all these consoles also had some of the best games ever.

NexGen2972d ago

Most of those systems found shovelware galore when the console was on it's deathbed, not a new release.

The last NES games (IIRC) were Yoshi's cookie and Sesame Street.

A majority of junk ps2 games also came out after the release of the ps3, or right before it. With Wii, we had them from day 2.

Mahr2972d ago

"Most of those systems found shovelware galore when the console was on it's deathbed, not a new release."

You couldn't put more spin on that statement if you put it in a washing machine.

"The last NES games (IIRC) were Yoshi's cookie and Sesame Street."

Yes, and the first two years gave us such gems as Top Gun, Legend of Kage, Deadly Towers, Athena, Super Pitfall, Chubby Cherub, Burger Time, Mighty Bomb Jack, MUSCLE, Tag Team Wrestling, et cetera.

I was unaware that the NES was on its deathbed as early as 1988.

"A majority of junk ps2 games also came out after the release of the ps3, or right before it"

Not really. If you take the word of critics, the ratio of poorly reviewed PS2 games launch through 2005 versus 2006 to present is almost 2-1.

"With Wii, we had them from day 2"

Q-ball Billiard's Masters came out something like seven months before the PS2 was even released in North America. What's that count as, day -210?

BoneIdle2972d ago

The article fails to mention that when Nintendo looked at the Sony deal they where just about to sign over all the rights to the games created on the machine and said no way.

MajestieBeast2972d ago

Yeah and instead they went with phillips who have forever put a blemish on the mario and zelda franchise. I mean it was a dick move of nintendo to cancel the partnership right before the addon was suppose to be unveiled at CES, Ken the man got pissed and wanted war and thank god he did. Cause else a lot of the franchises we have today would not exist.

ChickeyCantor2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

" I mean it was a dick move of nintendo to cancel the partnership right before the addon was suppose to be unveiled at CES"

I dunno, to assume they would just hand over their IP...that was kinda dumb.

Its actually a sneaky/dick move of them to think they could get away with it right before it was going to be unveiled. You have to admit it was tricky.

" Ken the man got pissed and wanted war and thank god he did "
No disrespect but, ken is kinda full of himself aint he? If you had amazing IPs for that time and someone just comes in and goes " HEY, you can work with me but i want to own all your work" would flip the finger as well.

MajestieBeast2972d ago

Actually it had nothing to with IP's it had to do with sony owning the cd technology and the profit for the whole system and Nintendo only getting the profits for the addon. Nintendo made a dick move because it was hours after sony announced the nintendo playstation. They could have said that before CES but Nintendo made them look like fools.

Shadow Flare2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

What are you guys talking about? Sony were never going to own nintendo's IP's. The reason nintendo backed out of the sony partnership was because sony kept all the manufacturing rights to the CD's which in turn cut Nintendo out of a large profit margin. And also Nintendo didn't cancel the partnership right before CES, they canceled it AT CES, right after Sony said at the same CES that they were working with Nintendo on their CD add-on.

It's all here:


Thank you MajestieBeast, you're completely correct. I don't even know where those other guys got their info from

N4g_null2972d ago

Lol shadow flare you posted a Sony propaganda video hilarious.

Talk about half truthes, if Sony is making the games then that would make Sony the publisher and not nintendo, wow they even fooled you their.

So Sony could easily do an activison and with hold money from nintendo to not even approving their games.

On top of this Sony would have full ownership of nintendo made ips. It's cool if you think this is a good idea but I'd love to see what you think about it if ms did the same thing to sony's game divison.

Also most cd based systems sucked untill Sony got the full backing of 3rd parties. The oNly reason why optical disk where good was that carts where too expensive. Yet now the media and the game production has spiraled out of control leaving the media to hype games that don't really grow the market while being the main source of disinterest to vet gamers.

So many of you claim to be long time gamer but don't even understand why pc gaming fell while console gaming kept on.

I'm glad Sony wasn't there to bring down nintendo with the ds and the wii. Most vets knew the media gimmick would run out of steam also as solid state memory improves.

Also Ken was fired and Sony is slowly stepping away from gaming. Like the bids says Sony doesn't make toys they suck at it pretty bad. I use to buy every thing Sony but I'm a samsung man when it comes to hd,

Whole bookS where writing about how bad Sony sucked, boy did nintendo dodge a bullet, along with letting factor 5 go and rare. Sega is a complete shame almost.

Hey believe what you want it has no baring on now since Bo one is matching them.

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SpoonyRedMage2972d ago

Yer, everyone makes out that Nintendo was screwing over Sony when Sony was trying to make them sign their existence away. Nintendo's IPs would have belonged to Sony and Nintendo would have ceased to exist.

Nintendo have made mistakes, passing on the Playstation was not one of them.

Shadow Flare2972d ago

Once again, sony were never going to own nintendo's IP's. Where are you getting that from? The reason nintendo backed out of the sony partnership was because sony kept all the manufacturing rights to the CD's which in turn cut Nintendo out of a large profit margin

Nintendo DID stab sony in the back hard. It's all here

orion4562972d ago

I think i've seen about a million different versions of this article.