Rockstar steps down E3 plans

CVG: No new games to be shown in LA, says publisher.

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Kingdom Come2819d ago


Conloles2818d ago

Oh well plenty of other good games gonna be there.

Kingdom Come2818d ago

As long as I've got my Gears of War 3 Gameplay I don't care about announcements or anything else. BTW, Agent will most likely be shown, the article say no "new" games, most likely refering to unnanounced games. It was o be expected, R* are too big/independant for events like E3, they prefer different methods of announcements.

red2tango2818d ago

They said no NEW games; Agent has already been announced. It's GTA V rumors they're referring to.

Droid Smasha2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

that sound you hear is a million ps3 fanboys crying out

kunit22c2818d ago

did you see how fast those 360 fanboys jumped all over Agent lmao, they sound butthurt. Too bad he said they wont show new games, Agent isn't new, we know about it.

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ikkokucrisis2818d ago

They probably don't want to overshadow RDR just yet. Heck, I'm still playing it and loving every minute!

FOXDIE2818d ago

They said no NEW games, Agent is not a new game, we already know about its existence right?

himdeel2818d ago

Agent is NOT a new game so I still expect to see it.

inveni02818d ago

Don't worry. Agent isn't a "new" game. It's already been announced.

P.S. All this "Agent is going multiplat" crap is nothing to worry about, either. Sony already secured exclusivity--and not timed exclusivity. R* can't just go back on a contract--that's why they have contracts.

colonel1792818d ago

They did before with GTA IV. They DID have contracts. Square Enix too did that with FFXIII and could do it with Versus XIII.

inveni02818d ago

No, they didn't have a contract. If they did, then show it to me.

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jordanismetal2819d ago

This is a bit lame, although a press event at their hq would be cool!

Shaman2819d ago

Stupid R*!!!Maybe they will just show some teaser????Please be it.

Venatus-Deus2818d ago

Hopefully Agent isn't considered a new game…

Hopefully they meant no new 'unannounced' games a la GTA5.

gtamike2818d ago

Why is everyone saying GTA5 that name is for the new consoles

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