Sega: "3D Will Become A Big Wave'

NowGamer: In an Nikkei Trendy interview, Sega's Naoya Tsurumi has revealed that the publisher would like to 'invest heavily' in Nintendo's 3DS technology and look to 3D games on home consoles, but only if 3D televisions sell well first. The full comments here.

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vgn242846d ago

I hope Sega is around long enough to be a part of 3D gaming. :)

fastrez2846d ago

God mate, I know what you mean. They haven;t been doing that great in the West. But, as a Sega fan from way back in the day, I'd really like to see them regain that old spark. Less Sonic Colours, more Shinobi, Streets of Rage and Gunstar Heroes!

jack_burt0n2846d ago

dont worry about sega, the mario and sonic titles have sold 20 milllion copies lol