PES2011’s New Controls Unearthed

A good few months back I did an editorial post on the main page regards the use of L2 as a Manual Modifier Control input for passing.

Well, the good news compliments of a photo taken by our man PenPas during the Konami press tour is that this feature appears to present in PES2011!

Click to check it out the original pic. Stacks more Images from the tour by PenPas can be found here also.

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redDevil872821d ago

Don't matter what the controls are like, if the gameplay is garbage no one will play it. Still don't understand how after PRO 6 they managed to make the franchise worse :|

Hopefully they make a new engine

Baka-akaB2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

if you dont get how having actual commands for manual and free passes instead of the usual scripted passes , affect the gameplay ... well i dont know what to say .

they are making a new gameplay engine , wich is precisely what those new controls are parts of . Just check other articles , as the embargo was lifted today

Redempteur2821d ago


manual passes ...this will allow for unique actions and strategies if correclt implemented ..

tunaks12821d ago

PES on wii is pretty awesome,
it gets way more strategic with IR control

catguykyou2821d ago

Football/Soccer - the sport I still don't understand why it's so popular.

Baka-akaB2821d ago

that would be because you want to understand why ... there is nothing to understand , its a sport some find fun , others wont

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