The Aging MMO: IncGamers' MMO Weekly

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis looks at the biggest MMO out there and explains why he thinks it's just a matter of time until something topples the king of MMOs. A snip:

"It's not that WoW isn't fun – it is. The dungeon finder is still a brilliant move. But WoW had two problems, and I failed to properly notice the second. The first – their alienating end game emphasis – was largely fixed with the dungeon finder. The second problem is that WoW has aged, and there is no fix for that."

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Djorgo2967d ago

Nice insight to WoW.

Jeff has massive experience with various mmos and that shows.

Maticus2967d ago

Won't Cataclysm resolve the aging issue though?

Even if it doesn't, I'm sure Blizzard's next MMO will be the one to take down WoW.

AndyA2967d ago

Meh, people have been saying WoW's days as top dog are numbered for a while now.

Fyzzu2967d ago

Mostly fair, though I'm not sure about the possibility of GW2 or TSW being the next big thing. I can't see it - they don't have the public brainspace for that. They'll both do extremely well, I'm sure, as they both look innovative and entertaining, but I don't think they're going to be The Next Big Thing.

Which makes me kinda sad. As I said, they both look innovative and entertaining.

Dorjan2967d ago

We'll see. WoW is bigger than EQ ever was, isn't it?

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