The Top 5 Voice Actors in Gaming

The SWANTONMASTER Team goes over The Top 5 voices in gaming

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ExgamerLegends22916d ago

My favorite voice actor is Steven Blum. He's been in over 200 anime/games etc. I really dont think the guy gets enough recognition. Sure he does a lotta small roles but he does some pretty good ones too.

oliverasadi2916d ago

oo Orichamaru , that voice was creepy

ExgamerLegends22916d ago

well you gotta admit he's contributed alotta good voice acting to both games and anime.

ExgamerLegends22916d ago

Steven Blum is in everything else.
Ace Combat, COD, Socom, Batman Arkham, FF7, and tons more. I've compared Steven's and Nolan's records and Nolan's is impressive. But Steven's been more places and had more memorable roles.

oliverasadi2916d ago

Because he is awesome lol, surprised Hayter isn't in a lot

ExcelKnight2916d ago

@oliverasadi That's because Hayter is more of a screenplay writer than an actor or voice actor these days.

GameOn2916d ago

Was it Nolan in Prince of Persia. That voice acting was the worst thing about that game. Maybe bad casting but it was terrible none the less.

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Lich1202916d ago

John Di Maggio!

Not for his work on gears as marcus, but because he did that AND Bender, The worlds greatest robot.

Awookie2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Rofl yea Bender is hilariously awesome, cant wait for the new episodes i think they said it was coming back this month!!!

Lich1202915d ago

Yeah man! And comedy central this time too, so its 100% less likely to be canceled. I can't wait!

Anarki2916d ago

There appears to be a lack of Heavenly Sword in this article... why do people forget about this game, I honestly don't know ...

ramon_v2916d ago

but only a few of them stand out as really memorable...

Jennifer Hale on the other hand, she should be on (and near the top) of this list.

She is a much better Shepard in Mass Effect than the guy... plus is great as Naomi in Metal Gear, Samus in Metroid Prime, and Bastila Shan in KOTOR.

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Aphe2916d ago

I'd love Samuel L Jackson to take more of a plunge into voice acting in games, he's got such a cool voice, he was great in San Andreas.

mikepmcc2916d ago

shit....he was Tenpenny? I never knew lol.

dillydadally2916d ago

I'll second Steven Blum (he's the lead in Epic's new game, Bulletstorm!) but I have to ask, where's Mark Hamill? Is there a more respected voice in gaming (other than perhaps Nolan). I mean, everyone knows his incredible work as the joker, but he's been in like 30 videogames as huge roles (not minor ones), changing his voice and just doing an all around incredible job, literally making his roles memorable just from the quality of his voice work!

Aphe2916d ago

The guy's very talented, it's quite surpising the amount of voice work he's done. After Star Wars you'd be forgiven to think he's not been that successful, but he's been very busy.

crysis122916d ago

Fun fact: the actor who voices Mr. Krabs also voices Hades from God of War 3 lol.

Mr. Krabs to spongebob: "Your soul is mine!"

Awookie2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Yea he actually does a ton of voices especially for kids shows, and if anyone has seen the series Carnivale he is the Demon preist if u haven't seen Carnivale check it out, its an amazing HBO series

RedPawn2916d ago

Did you know he was the extremist head prison guard in the movie, Shawshank Redemption.

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