PushSquare - Blur on Playstation 3 Review

Blur is the sum of a combination of games. At its very core it is Project Gotham Racing: take to the circuit with semi-sim, semi-arcade car handling and earn “fans” (as opposed to kudos) by racing creatively. But there’s much more to Blur than its PGR inspired core. The power-up racing concept is very much a Mario Kart staple, though here it feels more in-tune with Wipeout here. The aesthetic is very neon-lit futuristic like Wipeout, with some of the power-ups even sharing a resemblance with the futuristic racer. It’s also a bit Twisted Metal mind, with big multiplayer arenas set aside for huge demolition battles which feel as close to Twisted Metal PS3 as you’re going to get until David Jaffe jumps out of the woodwork.

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