PlayStation Home v1.36 Full Patch Notes Released

"PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has just released the full patch notes for Home update v1.36 and, although small, we have them here for your viewing pleasure."

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I LOVE GAMES3116d ago

Patch Notes Improvements

* We have reduced the time Home takes to start up. After installing and loading the patch for the first time, subsequent loads will be significantly quicker from then on.

* We’ve also improved the 3D audio positioning for stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

Bug fixes

* Fixed a bug that could cause large files to be improperly cached.
* Fixed a bug that would prevent you from changing the size of the cache under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when taking photographs.


NJShadow3116d ago

I just hope that they fixed the Central Plaza freezing issue. >.<

NJShadow3116d ago

Indeed man, indeed. I can only hope for a bug-free Home. It would be nice, although I know it's definitely gonna take some time, unfortunately.

pimpmaster3115d ago

i just hope they fix home, is mega boring i havent used it in over a year

Hideo_Kojima3115d ago

nice indeed... I don't remember freezing in Central Plaza.

Home is a weird place. I don't really like it but sometimes I go on and stay on for hours (once or twice a month).

Also it is actually an awesome place to meet up with your friends from real life. I used to only talk to strangers but than I started telling my friends to come on and we would go play pool bowling do the LBP challenge... and everyone is so friendly we would start talking with strangers about the LBP treasure hunting and they were grateful to help us.

It has a very very friendly community which you don't find on online.

Even N4G users are more aggressive than Home users.

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zootang3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

People who don't tend to use home, tend to have no friends. It's a great place to meet up with friends and chat or play Poker, pool, chess or other mini games

Edit: I should of said don't have friends who game

Calm Down Sunshine3116d ago

That's a fair point, and you're right.

I've had my fat PS3 since the day it launched in the UK, I use it very regularly with around 45+ games.
But my friends list has never had more than 3 people on it, which is probably the main reason i've never been interested in home.

phiro3116d ago

Thats an outrageous statement. I have a bunch of friends but the only difference between My friends and your friends is that I actually meet my friends in GAMES. Like Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Modnation Racers, etc.

Glasscocked3116d ago

Home is an irrelevant piece of software. I find it difficult to believe that Sony has not pulled the plug on it.

Hideo_Kojima3115d ago

take my advice from above...

gather 2-4 of your friends that you know from real life and go around together on Home you will find fun things to do.

Going on Home without knowing anyone who is there can still be fun but it gets kind off boring sometimes but there are lodes of weird people who will make it fun for you anyway.

MAGNUM-RAM3115d ago Show
Nicaragua3116d ago

They should patch the "HOME is boring" bug

Myst3116d ago

Nice seems like they are trying to get it to where Home can be instantaneous. Wasn't a really long wait in the past, but I could see how it could have bothered some. Glad they are constantly working on those loading times. I'll probably step back into Home sometime to play Sodium One.

Chicago85063116d ago

Home has already been acceptably patched for faster loads...

I find no problem with the amount of time it takes to go from XMB to Home..

However, I am thrilled to learn that they've made it even faster...this is great!

This also shows the initiative to continue production of Home...

So for all the "Home Haterz," Get used to it...Home iz here to stay!

Game on!

NJShadow3116d ago

The thing is, people hating on Home is actually a good thing, because it exposes what they may be doing wrong. Being complacent all the time can prove to be more detrimental to the platform rather than beneficial.

Chicago85063116d ago

but...the "Home Haterz" I speak of is those that "Wish" of Home's "Demise."

Those that wish for Home to cease to exist.

My comment was directed to that group.

I myself have critize Home for it's shortcomings..

I've just been patiently waiting on Homes' potential to be realized...and it will come.

Game on!

Nicaragua3116d ago

I doubt that there is anyone who would wish for HOME not to exist but i would say that there is a majority of PS3 users who feel that it is a dissapointment.

I like the concept but the execution is utterly tedious and underwhelming.

Hideo_Kojima3115d ago

and with all the feedback we are giving just imagine how amazing PS4 Home will be :D

Davoh3116d ago

It's not really a problem of how fast Home can load from XMB it's just the fact that there's no point in loading Home. I'll say it clear, I don't hate Home, the times I do go onto Home I see quite a lot of people using it, so obviously some people like it, but it just needs to be more integrated, like if you log into PSN you automatically log into Home.

nickjkl3116d ago

wth are you talking when you log into psn youre pretty much in home but not able to walk around

what do you want them to do make it so tht when you turn the ps3 on tha tyou can start an entire program with no loading times

Davoh3116d ago

I would of had Home as the main hub, turn on the ps3 and your in your Home Apartment. The XMB would just be an in-game menu within Home or maybe there could be several objects within your Home Apartment, a stereo system would assess your stored music, a tv would go to your videos, a diary for settings? I dunno, that sort of thing.

nickjkl3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

yea that seems very inconvenient

and phiro i doubt the home team is the same team working on the xmb

phiro3116d ago

I actually wouldnt mind it AT ALL if sony stopped working on home for a while to work on something that people actually want, like cross-game chat, a party system similar to that of Xbox Live's, or the ability to access the XMB whilst watching a DVD.

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