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vhero2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Look at the top 4 games.. The game with guns sold more on the 360 and the sports game sold more on ps3 who would have thought??? Same with Alpha protocol yet ANOTHER game with guns.... 360 and guns go together so well.. thanks for that lovely link for proving what people always knew if a games got guns its sells better on 360 on launch day.

Dance2969d ago

ps3 red dead redemption is second on that list

XactGamer2969d ago

You should edit your comment before time runs out or it's going to be own fest 2010. KZ2, KZ3, UC, UC2, R&C, MGS, and Resistance 1&2 say hi. BTW Resistance is the best shooter I played on the PS3 IMO.

Anyway on topic it's Rockstar this isn't anything new for them.

RedDevils2969d ago

wait until fifa and pes arrive

Hallmark Moment2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Thanks for the breakdown?


Come on Dance leave that kid alone I'm sure he knows the top selling PS3 games are shooters. Kids will be kids let him have fun in the only way he knows how(antagonizing people)

Dance2969d ago

forza 3 still in the the top 40 for how long now?

Silly gameAr2969d ago

Yes dude Forza 3 is totally on the list and RDR on PS3 is 2nd place!! Hellz yeah! Drinks and high fives all around!!!!

vhero2969d ago

PS3 red dead is pretty much sold out everywhere in uk right now.. That's why there is a shortage in stock.. My brother in law trying to get a copy (Give me disagrees you fanboys but I don't care).

XactGamer2969d ago

RDR shortages are for 360 and PS3 versions. N4G has a nifty search function up ^^^ there next to browse or you could use Google. Trolls have a very selective memory.

Sitris2969d ago

It's only the PS3 version that is sold out, and by sold out i mean not available for like 2 weeks, annoying as. Me and my GF want a copy each, and we only have one between us haha

Kerrby2969d ago

I know right Sitris!

It's funny how it's only the PS3 version that's sold out in Australia and there's heaps of 360 copies available.

Whenever you want something, you can't have it.

Imalwaysright2969d ago

MGS is much more than a shooter. I probably used more playboy magazines in that game than ammo!!

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Fishy Fingers2969d ago

Completed the story over the weekend, few bits to do, I'm at around 85% complete. Great game but horrendously easy.

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