PES team wasn't "prepared" for this gen

"Speaking to Eurogamer earlier this month at the unveiling of PES 2011 in Tokyo, Seabass said: "As the leader of the team, I really wanted to create PES 2011 at the start of the current generation of consoles, but from the PS2 to PS3 that timing was very difficult for us. Looking back our team spirit needed a change as well at that time."

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chak_3115d ago

so you're ready for this gen when it's almost over? meh

dangert123115d ago

almost over ? were smack bang half way through it mate! i stoped buying yearly football games but this is rumored to have an online master leauge i will by this one if its true

chak_3115d ago

half of this gen? 360 was release end of 2005 which is more than 4 years ago.

It's already technically dated, I don't think they'll keep rolling another 4 years.

dangert123115d ago

they already said this gen will last longer then previous...and this gen hasan't reached its full potentail

Conloles3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

More like they werent ready for FIFA to make a good game so they wouldnt have to be lazy devs anymore.

Montrealien3115d ago

Conloles is a multiple account troll that lives to troll console gamers, but I have to say, he nailed it right on the button there.

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dragonyght3115d ago

lol they finally notice only after 5 year into the gen......this is sad really

frankymv3115d ago

They better get it together real soon because the next gen consoles will be released fall 2011.

Montrealien3115d ago

care to put money on that? You a betting man?

Cold 20003115d ago

Oh I figured that out already.

FIFA have definitely passed them on all aspects.

n4gno3115d ago

No, graphics are better on pes 2010, and gameplay..better on the 2009 :)

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